In it for the long haul – long-time remote worker shares how to stay productive at home

In it for the long haul – long-time remote worker shares how to stay productive at home

Working from home has been extended for the foreseeable future for many organisations, and some have decided to allow employees to work from home indefinitely. Optimising your home setup, everyday routine and approach to work is crucial for boosting productivity, maintaining safety and feeling comfortable throughout the day.

We spoke to Renae Jones, HRIS Administrator at Winc, who has been working from home two days a week for the past two years. Renae shares lessons learned and some tips and tricks on remote working and how to transform your work from home experience.

Tip 1: Don’t substitute calls with emails and messages

Renae explains that video calls are the best way to emulate the in-office experience when working from home. “One of my colleagues and I often jump on a video call and just get on with our work so that when we want to discuss something, it’s a similar experience to having someone sitting beside you. Make sure you try to keep that face-to-face contact. It makes a huge difference. Organise an informal 10 minute catch up at the start or end of each day.”

She also finds that keeping some paper and a pen nearby can help with task tracking. “I keep a notepad on my desk at all times – it’s helpful to jot things down when you’re on a call because you don’t have that person sitting beside you to tap on the shoulder later.”

Renae Jones

Tip 2: Don’t underestimate the power of a proper set-up

The environment and workstation set up can affect the health and wellbeing of employees working from home.Like many others working from home for the first time, Renae didn’t really consider her set up at first. She used to work from the couch with her computer on her lap.

“I quickly realised it just wasn’t sustainable, so I got myself organised with a desk and a really good chair. It made a huge difference. Now I have a great set up – a second monitor, keyboard and even a headset. All of these things have helped improve the entire experience for me.”

Tip 3: A good routine will drive success

A solid daily routine has been key for Renae in the long term. “Your routine can make or break how productive you are at home. Start your day productively. Get out of your pyjamas, take a shower, perhaps do a load of washing before you sit down to work. When you log on, make sure you’re present – mentally and physically.”

Renae also stresses the importance of taking regular breaks throughout the day. “In an office setting, you wouldn’t sit still at your desk for hours on end, so you shouldn’t be doing that at home either.”

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