Winc services - Fresh Products

Fresh business supplies. Local economy support.

Support Aussie farmers, growers and rural communities throughout Australia by procuring local fresh produce for the workplace. Choose from well-known milk brands such as Devondale, Dairy Farmers, Pauls and Harvey Fresh.

Boost productivity and morale with fresh fruit as snacks, fresh cakes for business occasions and fresh flowers at reception or as a corporate gift.

fresh milk

Fresh Milk. Incorporated.

Stock kitchen hub essentials from one place, including full cream, lite, skim milk and soy options as well as yoghurts, butter, creams and fresh juices.

fresh fruit

Fresh Fruit. Incorporated.

Increase wellness and productivity with seasonal fresh fruit as daily or weekly deliveries. We offer customised fresh selections to suit varying company sizes.

Terms and conditions apply. Minimum orders apply.

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