By Winc. Business Interiors.

Our Business Interiors brand creates dynamic commercial spaces with intelligent furniture solutions with three decades of industry expertise. Be consciously informed by the way a space is occupied and the desired experience intended with intelligent furnishings.

Intelligent furniture. Dynamic spaces.

Fostering connection and collaboration, and creating spaces that service diverse workplace demographics is a core focus. Creating the culture and conditions needed to retain visitors and staff, as well as improve their performance, productivity, mobility, health and wellbeing is our aim.

Responsible manufacturing. Quality assured.

Choose high quality furniture from leading international and local brands that represent the very best in ergonomics, craftsmanship, innovation, durability and environmental sustainability. We partner with designers that deliver the highest standard of quality and reduce impact on the environment by aligning with stringent certifications.

Intelligent furniture solutions. Commercial fit-outs.

Partner with our commercial fit-out specialists for a tailored furniture solution that includes end-to-end project management, research and development, cost management as well as delivery and assembly services,

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