Supplier Ordering, Delivery & Packaging Instructions

Winc Australia Pty Limited

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These instructions apply to all deliveries to Winc Australia Pty Limited (‘Winc’).

The objective of this document is to provide suppliers with a concise summary of Winc’s expectations of suppliers. Compliance with these requirements will benefit Winc, our Suppliers and our Customers.

These Instructions shall be read in conjunction with Winc Supplier Terms and Conditions and Supply Agreements. This document will be periodically reviewed and updated. The latest version will be published on the Winc website.

1. Ordering and product data

1.1 Product Data

Prior to initial delivery of any product the supplier must provide the following complete product data to Winc either directly, via Supplier Website, via Winc STEP portal, or through third party or electronic interface. The following are critical to ensure deliveries can be received without delay:

a) Volumetrics are required for each selling unit, inner, carton, shipping carton, and pallet as applicable – unit length, width, height, weight & volume (length = CM, weight = KG)

b) EAN/ UPC compliant Barcode for selling unit, inner, carton, shipping carton, and pallet as applicable. Barcodes must be both scanner-readable and human-readable.

c) Material Safety Data Sheet for Dangerous or Hazardous Goods

d) SKU units of measure including Inner and Carton Quantity

e) Minimum Shelf Life (Expiry or Best before Date), where applicable.

Four weeks’ notice shall be given to Winc prior to any change in this data. Winc reserves the right to charge for additional warehouse processing costs when this data is not provided or updated; these costs will be calculated and charged back to supplier.

• Re-labeling: Minimum labour charge of $50 plus $1.00 per carton thereafter.
• Cubic Scanning: Minimum labour charge of $50 plus $0.30c per carton scanned there after

1.2 Ordering

a) Lead Times: Suppliers are required to ensure all deliveries are within lead times approved by Winc. The accuracy of lead times will be measured against the matrix in the original supply agreement. Results to be provided in the SRM reporting pack.

b) Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) / Minimum Order Value (MOV): MOVs or MOQs must be communicated one month in advance of commencement or change and are subject to Winc operational approval.

c) Supplier Relationship Management (SRM): Suppliers will be required to attend SRM meetings on a structured and unstructured basis pending reviews or current performance.

d) Supplied in Full (SIF): Delivery matches invoice. Required SIF performance is a minimum of 97%.

e)  Supplied on Time (SOT): Required service level is 95%. Delivery is equal to or less than the ETA or contracted lead time on each respective Purchase Order.

f) Discontinued Products: Winc requires six weeks’ advance notice of the discontinuation of any stocked product supplied.

g) Out of Stock: All out of Stock items must be communicated to Winc at the time of placing a purchase order. The supplier is responsible for providing a suitable alternative at the same cost price within 24 hours.

h) Daily Reporting: Each Purchasing Officer requires daily Out of Stock and Stock on Hand reports for respective trading SKUs. Required response times for these are no later than 4 hour turnaround on ETA enquiries and general product availability enquiries.

i) Changes to Account Manager / Contact: The Supplier shall provide at least two weeks’ notice of any change to Winc Account Manager / Contact and ensure that timely response to all queries are maintained.

j) Third Party Logistics: Winc requires a minimum of six weeks’ notice of changes to the Suppliers Third Party Logistics provider and contact information so we can assist with transition and communicate to our locations.

k) New Supplier First Delivery: At least one week prior to first delivery to any Winc location the supplier should call the Capacity Team (Inbound Booking Team) to confirm delivery and verify understanding of applicable requirements described in this document.

l) EDI Trading Platform: Winc requires a minimum of one month’s notice of any change to Suppliers Trading Platform e.g. ARIBA, EDI, Email, Zetafax,
m) Changes to Suppliers Systems or Warehouse: A minimum of one months’ notice is required in the case of any change in the Suppliers in-house systems (e.g. ERP, Warehouse Management), Warehouse location or sourcing which could impact supply to Winc.


Winc has deployed the Ariba Network platform for supplier electronic data interchange for Australia. The Ariba Network is used to receive orders and send invoices electronically. In managing the end-to-end process electronically and within one system we can achieve greater transparency, higher accuracy, improve cycle times and increase collaboration with our suppliers.

Suppliers are required to work with Winc team to implement and process orders via ARIBA:

• Purchase Order/Change Order/Cancel Order
• Order Confirmation
• Ship Notice
• Invoice

Benefits to suppliers:

• Real time access to document status information, such as orders or invoices
• Highly efficient, automated, and secure document processing
• Improved collaboration with Winc
• Lower administrative costs resulting from electronic document processing
• Improved payment times

1.4 Pre-Delivery

a) Each order has a unique purchase order number and should be processed only once.

b) The distribution centre will not accept any deliveries without reference to a purchase order clearly stating the following: PO Number, correct Quantities, Item Descriptions, Winc Codes, UOM, and the relevant Delivery dates (either ASN or Original PO ETA date).

c) In the case of electronic receival of a purchase order, a Purchase Order Acknowledgement (POA) is required to confirm the purchase order. In sending through a POA, the Supplier agrees to all pricing, quantity delivery date and descriptions on the purchase order.

2. Transport and delivery 

2.1 Transport

The Supplier must transport or arrange for transport of Products to the required delivery destination:

a) By a method which provides adequate protection to the Products and prevents product deterioration.

b) Shipping each order in one shipment unless otherwise indicated on a Purchase Order.

c) All deliveries must have a picking/packing slip with the goods. The paperwork must contain our Purchase Order Number, Supplier Details & Item Description/Quantities, Winc codes and Supplier item codes. These documents shall be securely attached to the outside of the first pallet or carton in a delivery. The packing list must be in a clear window envelope on the outside of the pallet or carton in a clearly visible location. The product labeling must not be obscured.

d) All deliveries will only be accepted with prior arrangement via the Supply planning (Book In Receival Team). A minimum of two days’ notice is required for container deliveries.

e) The Supplier must ensure that all Supplier delivery drivers and Contractors comply with local Winc Distribution Centre safety and traffic requirements, including but not limited to:

• Completion of site induction
• Adhering to site speed limits and instructional signage
• Adhering to site parking requirements
• Practicing safe unloading procedures
• Driver must stay with the vehicle at all times while unloading occurs. If there is a driver’s safety zone within the location, driver needs to proceed to this area for unload
• Ensuring all drivers and assistants are wearing hi-visibility clothing
• Listening and adhering to verbal and written instructions from Winc receiving staff
• No smoking on site
• Supplier to manage driver fatigue / work hours

2.2 Delivery Packaging

a) All cartons shall be clearly marked with fields as below or equivalent:

• Description of product
• Product Code
• Quantity of selling unit, inner, carton, shipping carton, or pallet as applicable
• Shipping / PO label
• EAN / TUN compliant barcode

b) Cartons shall be fully recyclable board and strong enough to protect weight of contents and withstand stacking and normal handling through warehouse and transport. Cartons which can be opened without the use of box cutting tools shall be preferred.

c) All items exceeding the weight limit of 15kgs must be clearly marked with a warning sticker and the weight of the carton. Acceptance of overweight items will be at the sole discretion of Winc.

d) All Hazardous and Dangerous goods must be transported, packaged and clearly labelled in accordance with requirements of all applicable legislation and codes of practice. A Material Safety data sheet shall be provided with the delivery unless previously provided or advised as per Section 1 above.

e) Any delivery over eight cartons must be palletised. All pallet deliveries must be on a standard size (1165mm x 1165mm) CHEP/Loscam as per the Inbound Pallet Policy. Skids or softwood pallets will not be accepted.

f) All pallets must be wrapped to the top third of the pallet as a minimum and secure. There should be no tails or “dags” hanging from the pallet.

g) Pallets cannot be higher than 1300mm.

h) The maximum weight of any pallet must not exceed 1000kg. Pallets exceeding 1000kg require approval from the Capacity Team prior to delivery. All pallet weights must be marked.

i) All mixed pallets/cartons must be clearly marked and numbered. The number of boxes on mixed pallets must be shown with each product clearly separated into rows or corners. If a product is greater than or equal to a full layer of a pallet it must be delivered on its own pallet, separate to other items, as shown below. All stock must be packed in consistent quantities. Stock delivered without adequate packing or wrapping will be not accepted. Loose items, not supplied in cartons or other outer packaging shall be banded or wrapped to secure.

j) All “Fragile” items such as Glassware, Crockery, Notice Boards, Whiteboards, must be individually and adequately wrapped to sustain distribution in the Unit of Measure sold by Winc.

k) All Liquid items must be securely packaged, and lids adequately sealed to avoid leakage during picking and distribution to Winc customers.

l) Where a product contains two or more components (such as a box and a lid) the Supplier must ensure that the components are adequately packaged together in one unit before delivery to the Winc Distribution Centre. Component parts shall be labelled adequately to identify parts e.g. “1 of 2”, “2 of 2”.

m) All delivery cartons must be structurally sound (in preference constructed of recycled board) and provide adequate product protection. Damaged cartons will not be accepted under any circumstances. All material used to stuff delivery cartons must be recyclable through standard commercial waste management services.

n) In the case of container deliveries, the supplier / agent shall ensure adequate measures are taken to prevent or mitigate the hazard of goods shifting and pushing against container doors leading to uncontrolled opening of the doors.

2.3 Pallet Control

Refer to the Winc Inbound Pallet Policy located on the Winc website here.

2.4 Delivery Discrepancies

a) Suppliers will be notified of any short-ship, oversupply, wrong goods, short-dated or damages within five working days of delivery, unless otherwise agreed.

b) If the discrepancy is found on unloading the driver shall be required to co-sign the delivery documents before leaving.

c) A credit claim will be automatically raised for any discrepancy between the Supplier’s invoice and the Company purchase order once goods have been received, unless covered by the terms of an Ullage agreement. All Winc credit claims regarding delivery discrepancies shall be resolved within 21 days. Once this has occurred, the Supplier will adhere to the Dispute Resolution Process referred to in section 2.5 below.

d) All proof of deliveries provided by Winc are signed, “subject to checking” (STC) to avoid lengthy delays on the receiving dock. Winc signs only for the receipt of the consignment and not the contents until the quantity and condition have been validated. Winc only accepts the signature as valid for establishing delivery of the delivery unit described not the full contents thereof. E.g. Receipt for one pallet is not proof of delivery of all cartons shipped thereon.

e) The supplier shall provide a copy of any Proof of Delivery (POD) requested by Winc within two working days.

f) POD must include the Supplier name, the Winc Purchase Order number, and a pallet or carton quantity matching the physical delivery. A valid POD must be marked with an official Company stamp and/or printed employee name and number.

g) In the case of double deliveries, it is the Supplier’s responsibility to pick-up the goods and credit any invoices raised. Refer Section 2.7 – Returns & Collections.

2.5 Dispute Resolution Process

a) In the event of any claim by Winc against the Supplier, payment may be withheld until such claim is resolved. Refer to Payment Terms in Winc Supplier Terms and Conditions

b) If any claims are disputed, the Supplier shall notify Winc within two weeks of receipt of claim. After this time, Winc will consider the claim to have been approved.

c) Disputes relating to delivery discrepancies must be supported by valid Proof of Delivery as per Section 2.4 above.

d) Winc will not investigate or act upon any queries in relation to transactions that are older than three months.

2.6 Shelf Life

Perishable stock deliveries to Winc shall have a minimum of 75% of manufactured life unless specific exceptions are negotiated with Winc on a delivery or material basis. In the case of products with manufactured shelf life under 90 days, an Ullage agreement may be negotiated to cover losses. Failure to comply with minimum shelf life will result in deliveries being rejected.

Expiry / Best before Dates shall be clearly marked on cartons and individual items. No mixed Expiry / Best before Dates shall be on the same pallet.

2.7 Returns & Collections

The supplier shall provide a return authorisation relating to excess, incorrect supply or faulty stock or warranty claims within two working days.

Stock to be returned or collected shall be collected by the Supplier, unless alternative arrangements are made, within ten working days of notice being given. Winc reserve the right to process or dispose of returns not collected, or when other arrangements not confirmed, within ten days of notice.

2.8 Support for Future Warehouse Management Technology

Winc is committed to deploying new and enhanced Warehouse Management Systems and technology and will require the support of suppliers to comply with additional data, labels, and interfaces with those systems. These requirements may include, but are not limited to:

• Delivery slot booking via web portal, including population of delivery detail and volumes
• Provide SSCC shipping labels with barcodes on cases and pallets in accordance with specification
• Package and label cross-dock orders for delivery to Winc customers
• Embedding of serial numbers, batch numbers and expiry dates into bar codes
• Update shipping documentation in accordance with the above
• Interface for management of delivery discrepancies
• Electronic transfer of hire pallets

Details and timeline for deployment will be communicated to suppliers with advance notice.

3. Site specific delivery requirements

All site addresses:

State Location Address
NSW Erskine Park 40-66 Lockwood Road, Erskine Park, NSW, 2759
VIC Port Melbourne 111 Turner Street, Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207 (Enter from Lorimer Street)3
QLD Richlands Building 4, 301 Orchard Rd, Richlands, QLD, 4077
QLD Berrinba (Furniture Delivery only) 132 – 166 Gilmore Road, Berrinba, QLD, 4117
QLD Townsville 10-14 Titanium Place, Mt St John. QLD 4818
WA Perth Airport 9 Ulm Place, Perth Airport, WA 6105
TAS Derwent Park 72 – 76 Sunderland Street, Derwent Park, TAS 7009
NT Darwin 15 Albatross Street, Winnellie, NT 0820-3
SA Adelaide Unit 2&3, 334 – 346 Cormack Road, Wingfield, SA, 5013

3.1 The Site Delivery Requirements and Information in this section contain a summary of delivery requirements and information for each major Winc Distribution Centre. For locations not listed, please contact the Winc Distribution Centre for further information.

3.2 Delivery bookings are required at most sites as specified in this section.

3.3 Delivery times may be extended during peak activity periods e.g. Back to School season. If applicable, details will be provided at time of booking.

3.4. All deliveries must be booked online for all plants specified in Site Delivery Information. The only deliveries that may be delivered without booking are orders sent via Australia Post, Xdoc and internal consumption orders.

3.5. Slots will be allocated in accordance with receiving capacity, the time a request was received, and slots already allocated.

3.6. Drivers must present their MobileDOCK Approved Booking Confirmation with QR code upon arrival at the site.

3.7. Details required to make a booking:
• Suppliers must:
• be connected to Winc’s online booking system (MobileDock) and
• must have their preferred carriers set up in MobileDock and linked to each Winc site where delivery will be required
• Have a valid Winc Purchase Order Number to validate the booking
• Provide exact number of Pallets or Cartons that are going to be delivered

3.8. One booking reflects one delivery. Bookings can be amended so there is no need to resubmit a new booking for the same delivery. Avoid double booking.

3.9. Booking requests will be automatically approved on a first come first served basis and based on capacity availability.

3.10. Delivery can proceed if a booking’s status is ‘Approved’. If the required slot is not found, the requester can submit a ‘Booking Manually Approved’ online. The status of bookings requiring manual approval will be ‘Pending Approval’ until review is completed. Replies are usually issued the same day.

3.11. The delivery should arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled time slot. If the delivery arrives earlier or later, it may be refused. If delivery is running late an email is required to notify the receiving teams per the Site Delivery Information in the table below.

3.12. Permanent Booking Slots: Suppliers who have regular recurring bookings (e.g. daily) must still complete online bookings.

3.13. Late deliveries or deliveries arriving on the incorrect day or without a booking may be accepted solely Winc’s discretion and subject to warehouse capacity.

3.14. Bookings have a cut off time of 12pm each day for next day delivery.

Site delivery information:

State Location Delivery window Contact / escalation 
NSW Erksine Park 6:00am – 1:00pm Monday to Friday
VIC Port Melbourne 5:00am – 2:00pm Monday to Friday
WA Perth Airport 9:00am – 12:00pm Monday to Friday
QLD Richlands 5:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday
QLD Berrinba 9:00am – 12:00pm Monday to Friday
QLD Townsville 6:00am – 12:00pm Monday to Friday
TAS Derwent Park 8:30am – 12:30pm Monday to Friday3
NT Darwin 8:00am – 2:00pm Monday to Friday
SA Adelaide 9:00am – 12:00pm Monday to Friday

4. Warranties & Repairs

4.1 Warranties

a) Schedule 3 of Winc Supplier Terms and Conditions describes the scope of warranties.

b) The Supplier must support all product warranties from the date of sale to the Winc customer.

c) Product defects must be addressed within 48 hours of notification to the Supplier, at the Supplier’s expense.

d) Defects include but are not limited to:

• Poor quality
• Product does not perform as described
• Mechanical or electronic failure
• Damage to the product discovered after the product is removed from the manufacturer’s packaging
• Product is missing parts or components

e) In the event that a defect with the product is identified, Winc will ordinarily bear the cost of collecting the goods from their customer and returning it to the local Winc Distribution Centre, unless:

• The supplier has pre-determined that the product issue needs to be addressed on site at the customer’s premises
• Winc have determined that the most appropriate way to deal with the issue is to request that the Supplier visit the customer

f) In all other circumstances, once the defective product has been returned to the local Winc Distribution Centre, the Supplier will receive notification of the defective product. The Supplier must then advise Winc as to what action will be taken by them within two working days, unless alternative arrangements are made:

• A credit for the products will be issued and the products can be disposed of immediately.
• A credit for the products will be issued and the products will be picked up by the Supplier (at the Supplier’s expense) in accordance with Section 2.7 – Returns & Collections.
• The products will need to be inspected by a Supplier representative on site at the Winc Distribution Centre before a credit is raised.
• The products will need to be inspected by the Supplier on their premises before a credit is raised and will be picked up by the Supplier (at the Supplier’s expense).
• The products are deemed as a “repairable” item (*see below for requirements on repairable items) and will be repaired or collected in accordance with Section 2.7 by a Supplier representative at the Winc Distribution Centre.

4.2 Repairs

a) Products Deemed as Repairable by the Supplier

The Supplier, by way of agreement with the Winc Merchandising Department, can submit a request to have a product deemed “repairable”. If  a product is deemed repairable, Winc will need to transact the product differently with their customer. In the absence of notification / agreement otherwise, items under $500 in value will be deemed non-repairable.

A repairable item can include, but is not limited to: Office Machinery, Office Furniture, Electronic Equipment, and Luggage.

If a Supplier requires inspection of a product before issuing a Credit to Winc or repairing a product so that it can be returned to the Client, the Supplier must submit the request to the Winc Merchandising Team representative. This is usually done at the time when the agreement is made to stock or sell the product. When a product is submitted as a “repairable item”, Winc reserves the right to accept or decline this request based on the best solution for Winc and its customers.

If the request is declined the product will then be deemed as an NQA return from Winc customers, and Winc will require immediate credit for the defective goods.

b) If the request is accepted, the product will be added to the Repairable Products list and the Suppliers’ requirements for the individual product will be noted and informed to all Winc representatives and Distribution staff.

c) Where goods have been picked up for repair by the Supplier, the Supplier agrees that:

• All repair costs will be paid for by the Supplier at no extra cost to Winc.
• All repairs must be carried out and returned to Winc Distribution Centre within 72 hours unless otherwise notified.
• All costs of pick up and re-delivery back to Winc Distribution Centre will be paid for by the supplier at no extra cost to Winc.

d) In the absence of any specified warranty, the Supplier will be expected to support the commitment to our Winc customer guarantee, i.e. items found faulty or DOA within 14 days of delivery to our customer shall be credited or replacement delivered direct to customer rather than repaired.