Winc For Home. The no-cost membership delivering deals for the home office, Join now.

There’s no denying that in a post-pandemic world, the way workplaces work has undertaken a dramatic shift.

If you’ve embraced a more distributed workforce, are back on-site or have a hybrid of office and remote working, Winc is here to support you to support your new workplace.

For a cost effective and convenient solution to providing work from home support for your people, we offer Winc For Home. This no-cost home office membership is free to join, and with a host of benefits, Winc For Home is an ideal addition to your employee benefits program. Our member-only pricing covers all the home office essentials including furniture, technology and stationery.

Program benefits

Winc For Home Program Benefits

How it works

Winc For Home: How it works

Let Winc For Home free your team up to work from anywhere.

Winc Home Delivery. Everything for the home office at contracted prices.

For those customers who would prefer the option of home delivery on their
existing business account, Winc offers Winc Home Delivery.

Winc Home Delivery offers

Winc Home Delivery: Standard Orders

Standard Order

A convenient solution where an existing Winc NetXpress user is enabled with Winc Home Delivery as an option at checkout. Invoicing remains consistent with account set-up, meaning a more streamlined process for you.

Winc Home Delivery: Special Orders

Special Order

Sign up and embed your unique Winc Home Delivery portal link into your company intranet for employees to access. Employees are able to browse, pay via credit card and enter their home address for delivery, offering flexibility for you.

Winc Home Delivery: Bulk Orders

Bulk Order

Allows a user to place a single bulk order to be shipped to multiple employee home addresses.

To find out more, register your business’s interest and your
Winc Account Manager will be in touch.