STEAM Grant Program

STEAM Grant Program.

Love teaching STEAM? Then meet Grant-Bot. He’s a smart robot who gives away awesome STEAM prizes… but only if you can impress him enough.

Your challenge is to convince him in 250 words or less why you and your school deserve to win a STEAM grant worth up to $15,000.

Grant-Bot will run a smart, top-secret algorithm to identify the best submissions. He’ll be judging how much you show your love for teaching STEAM, plus your way with words. The entries that impress Grant-Bot the most will win.

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STEAM Catalogue
Powering STEAM Learning

Powering STEAM learning.

As your interest in STEAM grows, so does ours. At Winc, we are passionate about preparing students for jobs and workforces of the future.

Our range of hand-picked STEAM products and educational resources will future-proof your classroom by providing the tools needed to inspire a new generation of learners and leaders. They will foster connectivity, creativeness and collaboration within classrooms and amongst learners.

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STEAM ahead with our lesson plans.

Winc have partnered with Cool Australia to offer educators access to over 1,200 curriculum-aligned lesson plans which are designed to encourage critical-thinking, creativity and real-world application.

Each lesson plan has been put together by a leading educational expert and contains instructions, content, skill-building activities and assessments.

Among the portfolio of resources is a variety of STEAM lesson plans available for download from the Cool Australia website.

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STEAM Lesson Plans