Top tips for choosing Technology for your school

Integrating technology into your school’s environment requires careful consideration. Making the right technology choices can greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience for both educators and students. Andrew Sykes, Sales Manager – Technology at Winc, offers valuable insights to guide you in selecting the most suitable technology solutions for your classroom.

Determine your key learning objectives

Andrew recommends starting off with aligning the technology choices with your school’s curriculum and teaching objectives.

“Ask yourself what specific skills, knowledge, and attitudes you aim to foster in your students. This alignment should enhance the learning experience and contribute positively to students’ educational journey,” says Andrew.

Consider questions such as:

– What learning outcome will the technology support and enhance?
– How does the technology you choose support your curriculum?
– What environment will the technology be used in? Is it 1:1 teaching, independent learning, group collaboration?
– Is the technology scalable and future proofed for the changing learning environment?
– Can technology improve student engagement and the connection between home and school?

“Understand your specific individual users to cater to the various needs of administrators, staff, and students. Allow educators to have consistent user experience across technology platforms and equipment,” explains Andrew.

Use technology to foster collaboration

“Embrace technology as a tool to encourage collaboration among students and educators. Use features like real-time document sharing, discussion boards, and virtual classrooms to promote engagement and teamwork,” suggests Andrew.

The BENQ RM7503A 75-inch Master Series Education Interactive Panel is the perfect addition to any hybrid or remote classroom. Featuring a germ-resistant screen and pen, built in education tools, USB Type-C connectivity, and an interactive flat panel, it offers an ideal solution for boosting engagement in modern classrooms.

Simplify management of student devices and minimise downtime

“Ensure that critical technology for participation is always available and ready to go. A technological barrier should never be an individual issue for a student, so make sure your devices are securely stored and charged. Consider charging stations, mobile carts, and smart lockers to improve workflow and device management for small to large fleets,” recommends Andrew.

The Pc Locs Carrier 30 Cart is a great mobile solution to transport, charge and store up to 30 devices. The Carrier 30 cart can store, charge, secure and transport more types of devices than ever before. Added with a secure two-point locking system, the cart can be immediately locked after a day of use.

Select technology that enhances student engagement and personalises the learning experience

“Choosing a personalised desk setup can increase engagement and enjoyment in the classroom. This can be accomplished by providing an exciting colour desk setup for all students,” says Andrew.

The Logitech Zone Vibe 100 Wireless Headphones offers educators a headset with noise cancelling, immersive audio, and comfort features to accommodate noisy and busy learning environments. The Vibe 100 is popular with both students and teachers.

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