The ‘buy local’ agenda is gaining momentum. Here’s how buying Australian Made paper can help

For the past 30 years the Australian Made logo has provided thousands of businesses with a way to communicate their Australian credentials. But why is this an important consideration when purchasing paper? Because we use a lot! Research indicates that in Australia 129.3 kg of paper is consumed per person each year1.

We spoke to Winc procurement expert Rachel Pang and asked her to share her insights on the advantages of buying local – and how purchasing Australian Made paper benefits not only the local economy but also local jobs.

What is Australian Made and why is it important?

“The famous green and gold Australian Made logo is a trusted country of origin symbol. It ensures the product that carries the logo has been certified as ‘genuinely Australian’,” explains Rachel.

In short, it helps local businesses highlight their Australian credentials and keeps customers informed. Genuine Australian products are those which meet criteria outlined in Australian Consumer Law.

Why buy Australian Made?

The ‘buy local’ agenda is gaining momentum – with nine in ten (89%) Australians believing we as a nation should invest more in domestic manufacturing following the COVID-19 pandemic. Key motivations include reducing our reliance on imports (38%), creating jobs (26%) and supporting local business and industry (26%).2

“We all experienced the shortages of products on shelves when COVID hit. With global supply chains struggling against factory closures, port shutdowns, material shortages and border restrictions, the need to reinvest in local production and manufacturing became obvious,” says Rachel.

Despite the surge in local production of local face masks and hand sanitisers that came about at the onset of the pandemic, the manufacturing industry now employs 50,000~ fewer Australians than it did two years ago.3 “COVID has had a very real and direct impact on employment rates across Australia. Directing your procurement spend to local markets and industries means more jobs and it is another way to fulfil your business’ corporate and social responsibility agenda,” says Rachel.

One way Australian businesses and workplaces can halt the decline and support Australian Made is by purchasing Australian Made paper. “At Winc we range several copy paper products which are Australian Made certified, such as our Winc copy paper, Mandura and Reflex,” says Rachel.

Reflex copy paper is manufactured at Opal Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill located in Victoria, one of Australia’s largest integrated pulp and paper making operations. The Maryvale Paper Mill produces over 600,000 tonnes of paper every year, which supports 5,000 jobs and contributes $911M to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product.4

“These kinds of numbers are critical to fuelling the economic growth we need to bounce back from the long-term impacts of the pandemic,” Rachel added.

A faster, more reliable supply chain

If having a local procurement strategy is important to your organisation, Rachel recommends shifting procurement towards suppliers who support Australian Made. “By buying from local manufacturers, you are not only supporting its local workforce, but you may receive a faster response time and have your order filled quickly.”

Reduce carbon emissions

Buying local also contributes to your sustainability goals through the reduction of carbon emissions related to logistics and transport. In addition, Winc, Mandura and Reflex Australian Made copy paper comes in carbon neutral options, making them suitable for both home offices and workplaces looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

If you are looking to choose more Australian made alternatives for your workplace, view our range of specially curated Australian Made products online.

Rachel Pang, Procurement Manager,
Winc Australia


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