Four reasons why a physical diary is still a good idea

Four reasons why a physical diary is still a good idea

With digital project management tools and various apps for tasks and lists, do we still need a physical diary?

Ultimately, it’s down to preferences, however, there are a few benefits to keeping a physical diary or planner. Here’s four reasons why writing things down will never go out of style.

Planning and organisation

Depending on your preference, you can choose between diaries with daily, weekly and monthly overviews. With plenty of space for brainstorming, planning and note-taking, writing down goals and to-do lists can keep you inspired and motivated.

Simplicity and focus

No set up or registration required. With a physical diary, all you need is a pen and you are good to go! Taking notes and planning by writing in a diary is simple, and more importantly, without notifications or distractions, you can focus on the task.

Retaining information

While you can quickly capture greater amounts of notes or tasks using a digital diary, one of the benefits of writing things down (slightly slower) is related to the quality of the information collected. Studies in university students have shown that we can process information more deeply when we can organise it more significantly, and this can lead to longer term learning.1

Reflection and personal growth

Taking the time to reflect is incredibly important for your mental health and having the tools to do so can be beneficial for your health. “Journaling is an incredible stress management tool, a good-for-you habit that lessens impact of physical stressors on your health.”2

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2Bailey, K., 2018, ‘5 Powerful Health Benefits of Journaling,’ <>

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