5 helpful tips to wrap up corporate gifting

It’s nearly that time of year – the most wonderful time of the year! Want to give your team an impactful gift but not sure where to start? We spoke to Glenda Spehr, Executive Assistant at Winc, to share her best tips when organising corporate gifting.

Plan ahead

The time leading up to Christmas is busy with workers wrapping up for the year and planning for the next. Get ahead of your to-do list and start planning now.

“In my experience, the end of the year is always the busiest time, and some team members even take annual leave a bit earlier, so making a plan is your best strategy for the season. Make a list, ensure your budget is clear, compare the best prices, and factor in delivery times etc.,” recommends Glenda.

Embrace online shopping

In 2022, nine out of ten Australian shoppers were omnichannel shoppers, using both physical and online channels to get their Christmas shopping done. 1

“My strategy is to shop online from trusted businesses. Shopping online for all your gift-giving needs saves you time and money, as opposed to going to different stores. As workers, we are always pressed for time, so buy from suppliers you know will deliver quickly and conveniently,” advises Glenda.

Prepare options

Keep in mind that corporate gifts reflect your company’s values. “Make your gifts meaningful and purposeful for team members. When you’re planning a gift for a large number of employees, do your research and look for gifts that you know will work for many people, and if you shop for a smaller team, you can make it a little more specific. Always consider high-quality sustainable items, it shows the company’s commitment to the environment,” recommends Glenda.

Add a thoughtful note

You know the saying, “it’s the thought that counts”? This is applicable to all corporate gifting for the holidays season. “As a nice touch, always add a message to your gifts. It could be from your CEO, Director or leader. For instance, every year one of our senior leaders at Winc takes the time to write a personal handwritten Christmas card to each of his 70 team members, and it is always appreciated by the team,” says Glenda.

Be budget-savvy

While last-minute shopping may tempt you to grab the first thing you see off the shelf, make sure you don’t overcomplicate the process.

“It’s important to think about the team members you’re gifting and ensure it’s appropriate. If you’re purchasing bulk, keep your eyes out for good deals before placing your order,” Glenda says.

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