4 top tips for workplace kitchens during COVID-19

The secret to a safe coffee break during COVID-19

Did you know that in 2019, Australians consumed around 112 million kilos of coffee?1 While we love our coffee breaks, during a global pandemic, many businesses are making changes to the workplace kitchen to provide a safe environment for employees to relax.

Here’s how you can help create a safe space with all the essentials for your team to unwind while working onsite.

Tip #1 Go single serve

The use of single-use products into the kitchen is a great way to help maintain a COVID-safe workplace. Individually wrapped biscuits, milk portions, tea or coffee sachets can help reduce the number of shared touch points.

For added peace of mind, leave the crockery in the cupboard and provide environmentally friendly single use items such as kitchen utensils and cups for beverages. Biodegradable paper hot cups are ideal as they are made of natural sugarcane fibre and renewable plant materials.

Tip #2 Ensure surfaces are wiped down between use.

Make anti-bacterial wipes available for employees to sanitise tables or chair arms after they have finished their breaks. Ensure tables have chairs spaced 1.5 metres apart. Use clear on-site signage to communicate the capacity limits in your kitchen space or tearoom and to remind employees to practice good hand hygiene.

Tip #3 Help your staff enjoy their break time.

Nescafe Blend 43 Instant Coffee Sticks are our most popular single-serve coffee option – so chances are your employees will enjoy that too. Our data also shows more people opt for medium roast over dark roast, which makes Moccona Classic Medium Roast Instant Coffee Sticks another popular choice.

When it comes to non-coffee options, studies show Aussies are most likely to opt for chai, matcha or English breakfast tea2. For an extra special treat consider adding single-serve hot chocolate to your essential workplace kitchen, such as the Nestle Complete Mix Hot Chocolate 25g Sachets.

Tip #4 Getting the choice of snacks right

To make your workplace kitchen enticing, stick to favourite brands that your employees love. At Winc, we’ve sold more than 1.2 million individually wrapped Arnotts Farmbake Chocolate Chip & Scotch Finger biscuits to businesses in Australia this year, making them one of our most popular options! Pretzels can also help satisfy 3pm cravings and come individually wrapped for easy distribution.


Winc can provide your organisation with all your kitchen essentials, including individually packed or environmentally friendly single-use products to help you maintain a COVID-safe workplace. Speak to one of our Kitchen specialists to discover the best workplace solutions for your needs or browse our full range online.

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Arnotts Farmbake Chocolate Chip & Scotch Finger Portion Control Carton 140


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2 2018 Square Australia Coffee Report https://squareup.com/au/en/townsquare/2018-australian-coffee-report