3 Ways To Drive Teamwork And Collaboration In Hybrid Workplaces

For many workers in Australia, hybrid working is here to stay. A survey conducted by TechRepublic among 1,500 IT and business leaders across the globe found that 83% believe the workplace will remain hybrid post-pandemic1. With these changes, the need for innovative technology to help keep people connected and productive is important now more than ever.

Here are a few tips to help you drive teamwork and collaboration from the office to the home office and everywhere in between.

Tip #1: Invest in the right technology for all types of workers

With the rise of hybrid workspaces, employers are shifting to multi-modal workspaces to accommodate how employees move between multiple work sites. A recent survey showed that 89% of businesses plan to invest in technology in next 12-18 months to support a hybrid workforce2.

This includes investing in the right set of hardware such as headsets, monitors and webcams for employees who continue to adopt the hybrid workplace model.

It also includes upgrades to the audio-visual technology in the office to enable seamless video conferencing and team meetings. The idea is to provide a great experience for all attendees – no matter where they are working from. This ensures team members feel included and equal.

For instance, the Jabra Panacast features 4K video technology to cover the full 180-degree field of view to ensure remote and in-office participants have the same experience. The video and audio-conferencing solution is compatible for use with Microsoft Teams and Zoom and is essential in enabling multiple modes of collaboration.

Tip #2: Create dedicated spaces for collaboration

The emphasis on attractive workspaces will be a key factor in driving the return of the workforce to the office. To welcome teams into the office, set up flexible collaboration areas as well as dedicated video rooms for brainstorm sessions, team meetings and workshops with easy-to-use plug-and-play technology. Ensure you stock up on coffees, teas and snacks to enhance the experience.

Tip #3: Provide training on collaboration tools

Many workplaces are now adding more tools to their collaboration stack. To ensure teams get the most value and productivity out of the tools, conduct and record training sessions on how to use both hardware solutions such as plug-and-play video conferencing, and collaboration programs such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Workplace, Trello and Asana. Ensure each meeting room has clear instructions for how to operate the set up for more seamless meetings and less need for IT support.

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