2023 must-have products for the classroom

As the school year begins, there is no better time than now to equip your classroom with the resources students and teachers will need to make 2023 their most productive year yet. Kirsten Hayward, Category Manager for Education at Winc shares her top four classroom essentials for boosting collaboration, creativity and learning in the new year.

Coloured pencils

Colouring has been shown in studies to improve your child’s health by reducing anxiety, relieving stress, and increasing focus and concentration1. “Coloured Pencils are a useful tool in the classroom for developing hand-eye coordination, improving mental health through creative and imaginative expression, all whilst building on fine motor skills,” says Kirsten.

Every pencil case needs a new set of coloured pencils perfect for any creative occasion, so why not choose a non-toxic and child-safe option? “All students should have the Faber-Castell Hexagonal Color Pencils Assorted Pack ready to use. It’s reliable and a back-to-school must-have, not to mention this product is certified FSC® 100% which means it is made from 100 per cent virgin timber or fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests,” suggests Kirsten.

Book covering

Why not choose an eco-friendly option for protecting textbooks and writing books from being squished in backpacks and tubs?

“If you’re concerned about plastics and want to make more eco-conscious decisions, the Raeco Bioguard 80 Biodegradable Book Covering is the world’s first fully biodegradable book covering,” says Kirsten. “It will fully biodegrade when placed in the right compostable environment – landfill or compost.”

Classroom set-up

Kirsten recommends putting movable and functional furniture, such as drawers and tubs, in classrooms to encourage sharing and easy access to supplies. “Having adequate storage encourages young students to be organised and share supplies with one another, which also helps teach them about teamwork.”

Flexible furniture, such as ottomans and stools, can also help maximise communal areas for group work or quiet time. According to Kirsten, “incorporating comfortable furniture can help students de-stress and boost their wellbeing. Quiet spaces assist students who are overwhelmed or overstimulated by their usual classroom environments.” Kirsten recommends school furniture such as the Fineseat Foamsack Fabric to help students feel relaxed for quiet reading sessions or downtime from a busy day.

Art and craft

While technology is the future of education, nothing beats a good old-fashioned arts and crafts session in the classroom. “Hands-on, crafty activities encourage creativity and imagination. Not only is it entertaining, but it’s also a great way to help students express themselves and improve their visual learning,” says Kirsten.

Stock your classroom with arts and crafts supplies such as glue sticks, coloured paper, and markers ready for the new school year.


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