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L'OR Lucente Coffee Subscription Plan

1 Terms and Conditions

1.1 These terms and conditions govern your agreement with Winc Australia Pty Ltd (Winc) for a L’OR Lucente Coffee subscription plan (“Plan”). By choosing to purchase a L’OR Lucente Coffee subscription plan you accept these supplementary terms and conditions for the 12-month subscription term (the “Term”).

1.2 Your L’OR Lucente Coffee subscription plan has a fixed quantity of 20 packs of 10 capsules, consisting of 7 x 10 Sontuoso, 6 x 10 Colombia and 7 x 10 Onyx capsules, which will be charged in monthly instalments of $120 and sent to you on a set date each month for the Term as agreed between you and Winc. Should that day fall on a public holiday, weekend or closure day (as notified by You to Winc in advance), delivery will occur on the next business day. Total fees payable during the Term will be $1,440. Included at no additional charge in your Plan is a L’OR Lucente Bundle, which consists of a L’OR Lucente Professional Capsule Machine, L’OR Coffee Capsule Holder and L’OR Coffee Capsule Recycling Bin and will be sent to you with your first monthly order.

1.3 In the event that a special price is offered on 10 packs of L’OR Coffee Capsules via www.winc.com.au (“the Website”) that is lower than the standard monthly fee paid under the Plan, that special price will apply to purchases under the Plan for as long as the special price is offered on the Website.

1.4 The Term for the Plan is 12 months. The Initial Term begins on the date on which you receive your L’OR Lucente Bundle & first monthly order of L’OR coffee capsules.

1.5 After the Initial Term, your L’OR Lucente Coffee subscription plan will automatically renew for additional 12-month terms (each a “Term”), unless you provide Winc with written notice of non-renewal no later than thirty (30) days before the then-current Term expires. Winc reserves the right to continue sending L’OR coffee capsules of the initial contractual value monthly for each Term unless this Agreement is terminated in accordance with clause 1.6.

1.6 Terminating during the Term: if you wish to terminate your L’OR Lucente Coffee subscription plan before the end of the Term, you may do so upon 30 days’ written notice to your Winc Account Manager. (a) If you terminate before you have paid all 12 monthly fees in the Initial Term, you will be required to pay a Termination Fee. The Termination Fee will be the value of the L’OR Lucente Bundle at the time of termination. The Termination fee is calculated as follows: (i) if terminated within the first 6 months of the Initial Term: $450; or (ii) if terminated between months 6 to 12 of the Initial Term: $300. (b) Subject to clause 1.6(a), the L’OR Lucente Bundle is yours to keep.

1.7 Customers can enter into multiple L’OR Lucente Coffee subscription plans, but each Plan must accompany a separate contract and abide by the terms of each plan.

Nestle Cashback Offer

The Promotion starts at 12.01am AEST on 1 May 2020 and closes 11.59pm AEST on the 31st of October 2020. Participating products include MILO 1.9kg tin, NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 1kg can, NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 1000’s case, NESCAFÉ Foodservice Blend 1kg can, NESTLÉ Alpen Blend 1.4kg can, NESTLÉ Complete Mix Hot Chocolate 2kg can. To make a valid cashback claim, customers must complete and submit an online claim at www.nestleprofessional.com.au/sharethewarmth To claim their 5 EFTPOS gift card (“Gift”)*, insert the unique code which can be found on the sticker label attached to the packaging of the Eligible Purchase. Multiple purchases permitted. The Promoter reserves the right to replace any Prizes with any other prize of similar value. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Promoter reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time during the redemption period with or without notice. The promoter is Nestlé Australia Ltd. ABN 77 000 011 316 trading as Nestlé Professional of 1 Homebush Bay Drive, Rhodes NSW 2138. For full Terms and Conditions visit www.nestleprofessional.com.au/sharethewarmth