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Coronavirus Contingency Plan

Winc's Coronavirus Contingency Plan

While the Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, our Coronavirus Contingency Plan outlines what we are doing at Winc in response to this unpreceded event.

Current availability of products

Based on the latest information we have received from our suppliers, our supply challenges are currently limited to a few key categories. These include hand sanitiser, hand wipes and face masks, for which we have experienced unprecedented demand. At this stage we are unable to provide an indication of when these products will become available. Toilet paper, other paper-based washroom products and cleaning chemicals continue to be available but in limited supply.


Should supply become restricted at any point in time, we plan to substitute out of stock products with the closest alternative at the same price. These substitutions will be made to minimise the impact of any potential supply issue on our service to you. Products that require testing and approval before use such as personal protective equipment or medical supplies will not be substituted. Hosted catalogue and Government customers will be excluded.

Products critical to managing COVID-19

With the COVID-19 situation continuing to develop in Australia, Winc has introduced a Customer Prioritisation Program to ensure our organisation is focused on supporting our nation's first responders and hardworking carers.

With products critical to managing COVID-19 now in short supply, customers in the healthcare sector including hospitals, aged care facilities, childcare centres and emergency services will have first access when buying from categories where we are experiencing shortages or limited supply. Currently this includes masks, toilet paper, tissues, paper towel, wipes, sanitisers, nappies and anti-bacterial products.

All other customers are limited to purchasing at historical levels should stock become available to them. As a further temporary action, these products are being removed from sale on our retail site.

Additional ordering

Where it makes sense to do so, our current advice to customers is to continue to adopt a measured approach to ordering. Should you require an additional bulk order to meet special requirements of products not in highly restricted supply, please discuss those needs directly with your Account Manager. These requests are being worked on directly with suppliers and may take additional time.

We are closely monitoring

We are monitoring the situation daily and will provide more updates as they are available. In the meantime, Winc is committed to doing everything possible to safeguard supply for our valued customers and we will continue to evolve our plans as required. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like to receive updates from us regarding our response to COVID-19, please email us at marketing@winc.com.au  with the subject line ‘Coronavirus Contingency Plan Updates’

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