Put the spotlight on sustainability on World Environment Day and beyond

Environmental sustainability. These two simple words become the focus for individuals, businesses, schools and governments every World Environment Day.

Celebrated on 5 June, the United Nations’ World Environment Day is a day for everyone, everywhere. Since it began in 1972, people around the world have organised thousands of events, from planting trees to local clean-ups, to make a positive difference to our environment.

World Environment Day is no gimmick. It’s an opportunity to put the spotlight on your sustainability agenda. To get employees engaged and excited about your sustainability initiatives, and remind them why it’s important to reduce their footprint every day.

We only have one planet, which is why, at Winc, we always strive to take positive action and do better for our environment. Here, we share our ideas to help you do your part too:

Swap waste for recycling

Australians produce around 50 million tonnes of waste each year, averaging over 2 tonnes per person . As the population grows, this number will continue to grow unless we do something about it. Research shows that over 75% of Australian businesses agree reducing waste is an important part of Corporate Responsibility. Yet, 58% keep almost no records on their waste management . Make this World Environment Day the day you take action.

At Winc, our recycling initiatives make it easy for you to reduce your waste and achieve your sustainability goals. Through our customer recycling program, Cart Collect, we recycle hundreds of thousands of ink and toner cartridges each year. Cart Collect collects over 168 tonnes of cartridge waste a year for remanufacturer and component recycling, which saves a massive 722,000 litres of oil.

You can also choose from more than 2,500 eco-conscious products without EarthSaver classification. With a huge range of products made using recycled materials or renewable resources, there’s something for everyone.

World Environment Day Tip: Keep your eye out for our EarthSaver logo when selecting and ordering workplace goods. This classification means a supplier has met our strict set of eco-conscious criteria.

Nurture a green culture

Sustainability is one of a very few parts of the business that everyone can contribute to. That’s why World Environment Day is the perfect opportunity to get more people engaged and excited about your sustainability programs.

At Winc, we motivate our employees to actively make a difference. This year’s World Environment Day theme was about reconnecting #WithNature, inspiring people to get outside and remember that by keeping our planet healthy, we keep healthy too. So we encouraged our employees to share photos of how they are reconnecting with nature.

World Environment Day Tip: Use the day to reflect on the progress you’ve made towards your sustainability goals. This is a great opportunity to show employees, customers and stakeholders how their actions are making a difference and inspire them to keep up the great work.

Team up for a bigger impact

Team up with your partners to create an even bigger impact this World Environment Day. At Winc, we know that working together allows us to do more than we ever could on our own. Our strong partnerships and memberships with not-for-profit organisations like Planet Ark, the Sustainable Business Network, the Australasian Packaging Covenant help us protect and restore our environment.

Look to your partnerships and memberships for ways to expand sustainability efforts into your community. Maybe you could organise volunteer clean-up events, like the ones Winc employees have taken part in with Landcare Australia. Your employees will love the opportunity to be part of something bigger, while learning about local environmental issues and gaining new skills.

World Environment Day Tip: Invite partners to join you in your community event. This will not only boost your collective impact, but also create stronger, better relationships.

What is your organisation doing to drive change?

Australian organisations are in a unique and powerful position to lead the sustainability agenda by highlighting issues and making it easier for employees and customers to make the right choices. Take opportunities like World Environment Day and harness them to remind everyone of your sustainability commitment and inspire action.

At Winc, we’re making sure that we make a positive impact on the world around us, and helping our customers do the same. Learn how we can help you turn your sustainability goals into reality.

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