Winc Office Mysteries

Have you ever wondered where all the forks go? Oh, and the spoons for that matter. Pull open the office kitchen drawer anywhere in the world and the story is the same. Knives. Lots and lots of knives.

But this isn’t the only unsolved mystery in your office. Not by a long shot. When you think about it, you spend the best part of your working day bewildered by unexplained happenings.

Fear not – you’re not alone. Here are 9 mysteries keeping office workers everywhere flummoxed:

1. Brian who?

Another farewell card, another person you never knew existed. Play it safe and stick to the standard blurb: “Wishing you all the best for the future, Brian!”

2. Where did your favourite mug go?

Not only is it the perfect size and shape, this cherished mug has a giant picture of your cat/dog/kids on it. Sure, in the grand scheme of things there are bigger issues to worry about, but some things are sacred – and this mug is one of them. The best way to prevent your porcelain from being pilfered? Get a label maker.

3. Why do you get irrationally excited about free food?

It doesn’t matter what the food is, as soon as word gets out, you find yourself sprinting Bolt-style from one end of the office to the other. When colleagues return from a meeting, you find yourself wondering if there are any leftover muffins. And if there’s a cake in the break room, with no note explaining its presence, you’ll check on it twice an hour until you see someone take a slice. Then it’s fair game.

4. Who made a mess in the conference room?

Cables tangled on the table. Coffee stains and muffin crumbs. Missing chairs. Whenever you walk into the conference room, it feels like you’re entering a teen’s bedroom. There’s even a faint unidentifiable smell. So, what do you do? Make antibacterial wipes your best friend and never be caught out again.

5. The Printer

Need we say more?

6. Where did all the forks go?

And the teaspoons for that matter? It’s the office equivalent of lost socks in the dryer.
Sure, you can still use a knife to stir your coffee. But how will you tackle your quinoa salad for lunch? This could get messy.

7. Where did the phone and laptop chargers go?

Your phone is down to one bar of battery. Your laptop is at 13%, and dropping fast. Low battery anxiety is setting in and there’s no charger in sight. Our tip? Keep a portable USB battery in your desk drawer for emergencies.

8. Who owns the avocado salad that’s been in the fridge for two months?

Oh wait, maybe it’s Brian’s…

9. What’s the name of that person you’ve worked with for years but have never spoken to?

You’ve spent the past four years smiling politely at each other in the corridor. Somehow, they know your name and now it’s way too awkward to speak to them without making it obvious you don’t know their name (or anything about them).

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