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We’ve all been there at work; your charger goes missing, someone adjusts your favourite chair and all of a sudden, the thermostat has been set to arctic.
But wouldn’t the world be a better place if there was someone who could solve these mysteries and restore harmony to the office?
You need “Jeanette: Office Detective”. A brand new comedy web series from Winc.
Jeanette isn’t your ordinary office manager – she also moonlights as a super sleuth. Whatever the mystery in her office, by golly she’ll solve it, no matter how unconventional the method.
With her trusty sidekick Danny and Winc, her one stop shop for mystery solving gear (and you know, office products) – she’s got you covered.

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Jeanette: Office Detective. The Mystery of the Missing Chargers

Someone is stealing phone chargers around the office and Jeanette is hot on their heels. She and her trusty sidekick Danny lay a trap a to see who is the culprit.

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Jeanette: Office Detective. Twenty One Degrees of Crime

Don’t you hate it when someone touches the aircon at work? Jeanette and Danny stake out an elaborate stakeout to reveal the offender.

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Jeanette: Office Detective. The Strange Case of the Monte Carlos

We all know that all the good biscuits go first, but what do you do when only the bad biscuits are left?

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Jeanette: Office Detective. The Nail Clipper Strikes Again

Someone’s been taking care of their personal hygiene at work and Jeanette: Office Detective is going to find out who.

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Jeanette: Office Detective. The case of the Changing Chair

Someone keeps changing the height of the office chairs. Jeanette is called to the scene and hatches a plan to catch the perpetrator in the most unusual way.

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Jeanette: Office Detective. The Thousand Fork Thief

Someone is stealing forks. The office has run out of cutlery (again) but not to worry, Jeanette has a creative solution to the problem.

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