7 ways to refresh your workspace this EOFY

7 ways to refresh your workspace this EOFY

The end of financial year is fast approaching, so now’s the time to review your workplace needs and ensure that you are equipped to support employees’ return to work safely – doing so could even be tax deductible.

In March the Federal Government announced an increase to the instant asset write-off (IAWO) threshold, from $30,000 to $150,000. Examples of assets that may qualify for the deduction include desks, chairs and office furniture, business machines, computers and software, filing cabinets, calculators and safety equipment. For employees, sole traders or those working from home, home office supplies may also be tax deductible this year.

We’ve selected seven key areas essential to making the most of EOFY and refreshing your workspace. Do you have everything you need?

1. The fixed workstation

Gone are the days when you shared your desk with Sheila from accounting. To enable social distancing, where possible, ensure you reconfigure desks to allow 1.5m of space between employees.

A fixed workstation may also need its own technology set up – a computer mouse, monitor and a keyboard. Meetings may still be conducted via video conferencing tools, so remember to equip the workstation with a good headset.

Think about what your team may need at their desks when they return so that they can feel comfortable through the transition.

2. Own it

Get the label maker out – it’s time for you to own that stapler. To minimise high touchpoint areas, employees should have their own stationery and accessories instead of sharing. Stock up on scissors, markers, staplers, highlighters and create small kits. Invest in some labels and a label maker to ensure everyone knows who owns what.

This approach also extends to the kitchen areas and when organising smaller events – to help keep the workplace safe, opt for single serve food and drinks and environmentally friendly disposable cutlery, plates and napkins instead of shared dishes or office crockery.

3. Keep it clean

Keeping surfaces clean is the name of the game for every workplace this year. Teams should have easy access to cleaning stations equipped with hand sanitiser, surface wipes, tissues and surface disinfectant sprays.

A mini-hand sanitiser to keep in your pocket or handbag can also be an excellent welcome back gift to your team members.

4. Stand here!

We’re becoming use to floor decals as they guide us through grocery shopping, retail stores and public transport. Keep social distancing front of mind with a range of signage, such as social distance markers and one-way floor decals.

5. Safe and comfortable at home

Now’s really the time to assess if your home office is equipped to go the distance – what would you need if you were working from home for another three, six or 12 months?

Perhaps you need more comfort. If you feel strained or achy, consider a more ergonomic office chair, sit-stand desk, footrest or monitor stand.

Or perhaps your technology is unreliable at times. If needed, upgrade your monitor, acquire a second screen to make online working easier and achieve more flexibility by using a wireless keyboard and mouse instead of your laptop’s trackpad and keyboard.

Throughout 2020, expect to see a greater shift towards sustainable practices across every type of organisation.

6. Keep your secrets safe

For printing, scanning or shredding sensitive documents, invest in essential office machinery so that you can continue working from home without compromising data security.

7. Laminate it and keep it

If you want to create your own workplace signage or keep paper items germ free, a laminator can come in handy. Just wipe down laminated items with anti-bacterial wipes between use.

Need help?

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