Returning to work on-site? Let our experts help you create a COVID-safe workplace.

At Winc, we’re here to support every different working scenario, helping you to deliver safe and productive ways to work wherever work happens to be.

If you’re preparing to return your people to working on-site, our specially trained Health, Hygiene and Safety (HHS) Specialists are ready to support with a free virtual site survey. This will ensure you have all your COVID-19 safety precautions covered as you bring your people back.

What we do:

Winc is offering FREE Health, Hygiene and Safety (HHS) Surveys to help identify areas of risk in your workplace and support your transition to a new normal.

Health, Hygiene and Safety Surveys
Health, Hygiene and Safety Surveys

Our HHS Specialists will conduct a thorough assessment of your facility via online conferencing and ask you a series of questions to gain a better understanding of your unique business needs.

We will then evaluate your organisation’s current processes, equipment, and safety measures against industry best practice and HHS workplace regulations.

Based on the online site assessment, you will receive a report highlighting any areas that need improvement, as well as recommendations for the correct processes and procedures to ensure your facility is fully equipped.

Health, Hygiene and Safety Surveys
Health, Hygiene and Safety Surveys

We have Specialists in every industry, so you can have confidence knowing that we understand and can cater to your specific industry needs.

Areas of focus:

Infection prevention, hand hygiene practices, cleaning processes, product and service innovation, sustainable cleaning solutions.

Register your interest and a Winc Health Hygiene and Safety Specialist will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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   Terms and Conditions:

  • Health, Hygiene and Safety Surveys are currently only available to existing Winc customers located within Metropolitan areas.
  • Applications for a survey will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
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