Top trends in the promotional products industry in 2019

Top trends in the promotional products industry in 2019

Are promotional items still relevant and do they retain an ongoing role in your marketing strategy? Absolutely! According to an Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) study conducted in the US, promotional products are kept for an average of eight months and 85% of consumers in the study remembered the brand. But what are the top promotional product trends for 2019?


Sports and fitness items continue their upwards trend

Wellness items continue their upwards trend as consumers continue to look for ways to incorporate self-care into their daily lives. Items such as sports bottles, stress balls, armband phone cases, towels, caps and golf accessories are ideal giveaways for this segment of the population. Duffel bags, yoga mats with carrying cases and cinch bags are also hot items in the sports and fitness sector.


Buy-for-life products

Consumers have been moving on to eco-friendly products that are not only biodegradable but are also manufactured sustainably. In 2019 we’re seeing a demand for anything organic, reusable or made from recycled or reclaimed products which have been designed to stand the rest of time. Some great items include recycled notebooks and journals, recyclable water bottles and organic canvas tote bags.


Wireless will continue to be in

A trend that will continue into 2019 is promotional wireless tech products. With Apple eliminating the earphone plug on iPhones, it’s clear that the future is becoming increasingly wireless! Items such as wireless earphones and headphones are lightweight and portable, but most importantly, they are a great way to show off your brand’s logo with a digital imprint.


Unique colours will give better results

As for colours, the prediction for 2019 is bright corals, lavender, electric blue and cherry red. These could be perfect for luggage tags, tote bags, satchels, pens or outdoor gear. Textures like leather, matte and smooth metallic are predicted to dominate 2019’s look and feel.


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