Nothing builds a team bond like racing desk chairs around safety cones. Now, with the Commonwealth Games kicking off on April 4, you have a legitimate excuse to challenge your co-workers. Host your very own Office Games!

Who will rival the speed of Usain Bolt on a swivel chair? Who can flick a rubber band with the precision of Australian shooter and 18-time-medallist Phillip Adams? Who can volley a balloon with more speed than the Malaysian badminton team?

Whichever games you choose, one thing is for sure: you’ll never look at your co-workers the same way again.

Let the office games begin!

Bulldog Clip Tag

What you need: Bulldog clips

Rules: A game of stealth. Your mission is to attach a bulldog clip onto a co-worker without them noticing. If you succeed, sit back and wait for your hapless victim to realise they’ve been clipped. Then, it’s their turn to choose their prey.

Pro tip: Ditch any baggy clothing.


Target Shooting

What you need: Marker pens (various colours), paper

Rules: Intense concentration. Steady nerves. Absolute precision. This game will reveal who can really keep their nerves under pressure. Each athlete has a different colour marker and takes turns throwing it at a paper target from a fixed distance. They must leave a mark (on the target, not each other) to score.

Pro tip: Book a meeting room to master your technique. Just remember to cover the walls!


Balloon Badminton

What you need: Blown-up balloons, badminton racquet or giant ruler

Rules: Badminton is considered the fastest competitive racket sport in the world. Balloon badminton… not so much. Smack the balloon with the racket/giant ruler and continue until the balloon hits the floor, wall or furniture. The person who hit it last gets the point.

Pro tip: This is a game of agility and raw power. But mostly you just need to keep your eye on the balloon.


Swivel Chair Sprint

What you need: Office chair with swivel wheels (this Buro Metro Task Chair With Aluminium Base Black is perfect), safety cones

Rules: Sprinting originated in Ancient Greece as a competition to test the limits of human performance, and that continues right here with the Swivel Chair Sprint. In this two-person event, one teammate sits in the chair while the other manoeuvres it around the safety cones. Once they’ve completed a lap, they switch. The team is timed for two laps. For every cone hit, add 5 seconds to the clock.

Pro tip: Choose your teammate wisely – a good sense of spatial awareness goes a long way!



What you need: Rubber bands, random objects

Rules: A bit of trivia for you – archery has only been featured twice in the history of the Commonwealth Games, one of them at Brisbane in 1982. So, we think it’s a worthy addition to your Office Games. Create a set of targets by placing objects on furniture around the room. Each athlete has 10 rubber bands. One point if you hit the target. Five points if you knock down the target. The athlete with the most points wins.

Pro tip: Athletes need a steady hand and a keen eye. Spectators probably need safety glasses.


Winc is a proud sponsor of the #GC2018, celebrate in the games with us!

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