Integrated Facility Solutions: how site audits unlock value in unexpected places

What do you think of when you hear the word “audit”? The mere whisper of an audit is enough to send most people into a world of dread. However, when it comes to your facility, performing an audit can be essential in creating value and increasing efficiencies long into the future.

When it comes to facility solutions, you might think your only concern is saving money. But that’s not enough – especially with ever-stricter health and safety regulations. These days, you need to take a more sustainable and integrated approach if you want to see long-term rewards. That’s where a facility assessment comes in.

What is a facility assessment?

The goal of a facility assessment is to uncover integrated facility solutions that will save your organisation time and money, while also streamlining your facilities program in the long-term.

The secret to reaching this goal is the Facilities Specialist. When you see the same facility every working day, it’s easy to overlook the answers. But a Facilities Specialist tours your facility with fresh eyes and a new perspective. They can see all the sticking points and solutions you might have missed.

During your facility assessment, or “site audit”, a Facilities Specialist will discuss your current facilities program and pinpoint your pain points, challenges and goals. Together, you’ll walk through your whole facility, reviewing everything from the toilet paper to kitchen utensils, hand sanitiser and commercial cleaning supplies. Not a single paper towel will be left unturned!

Using these insights, they’ll create a personalised program to help you consolidate and minimise your overall facilities costs, boost efficiency and reap the benefits of integrated facility solutions.

What types of issues can a facility assessment identify?

• Are you using the right products in the restrooms? Does toilet paper run out very quickly? Is the soap easy to refill and hygienic to apply?

• Are your commercial cleaning supplies providing quality results and still efficient to use?

What are the benefits of a facility assessment?

Even if facilities products are only a small part of your budget, the advantages of implementing integrated facility solutions are well worthwhile:

• Streamline operations: A site audit of multiple sites will help streamline the products used and create a consistent look and feel across the business.
• Create a culture of innovation: Inspire and train staff on new and innovative ways they could be operating.
• Improve productivity: A site audit is all about productivity. The ultimate goal is to help give the end user time back by identifying new, more efficient ways of operating.
• Consolidate costs: Just by consolidating your commercial cleaning product suppliers, for example, you can eliminate the headache of multiple invoices, ordering and deliveries, and get the most from your budget.

What are the risks of not doing a facility assessment?

When you’re busy, organising a facility assessment might seem like a lot of hard work. But the alternative is a far riskier move. Those complaints over minor issues, like the toilet paper, might seem small now but they can escalate fast when not addressed. Before you know it, you’re only a missing toilet roll away from poor morale and plummeting productivity. Not to mention the extra time and costs associated with inadequate cleaning products or multiple suppliers that add up over time.

A site audit will also help identify any Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) concerns, so head office can sleep easy knowing that multiple sites are compliant. A site audit will also consolidate usage to maximise the best buy price through economies of scale.

Final thoughts

If you haven’t had a site assessment, it’s time to bite the bullet. Address and eliminate your pain points now, and you can focus on streamlining your operations and implementing integrated facility solutions, rather than fighting fires.

At Winc, we’re not only here to give you the tools and guidance to help you make the most of the world of working; we challenge conventions, reveal a new perspective and inspire you to think differently. We have a team of more than 25 Facilities Specialists, who conduct site audits every week across the country. Our team has experience working with practically every type and size of organisation, from universities and healthcare facilities to manufacturers, offices, retailers and beyond. So they know how to tailor solutions to suit your needs and help you go even further.

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