Is your workplace first aid compliant?

First aid kits should be present in all places of work. Whether you have a very small office with just a few people working in it, or you’re in a warehouse with many identified hazards.
According to Safe work Australia’s Code of Practice (January 2019) all workplaces must provide first aid equipment, facilities and in some circumstances, trained first aiders. A portable first aid kit should be provided in the company-owned or private vehicles of mobile workers, for example couriers or sales representatives.

What’s inside a basic first aid kit?

The first aid kit should provide basic equipment for administering first aid for injuries including:
− Cuts, scratches, punctures, grazes and splinters
− Muscular sprains and strains
− Minor burns
− Amputations and/or major bleeding wounds
− Broken bones
− Eye injuries
− Shock treatment

The contents of a first aid kit should be based on a professional workplace risk assessment. During this evaluation the auditor considers the nature of the work being carried out in the workplace, the nature of the hazards in the workplace, the size and location of the workplace, the number and composition of the workers and other persons operating in workplace.

Here is a quick reference guide:

Maintaining your first aid kit 

Workplace first aid kits should be maintained regularly by a first aider. Safe work Australia recommends the actions below to ensure you can stay on top of restocking and maintaining your kit:
1. Monitor usage of the first aid kit and ensure items used are replaced as soon as practicable after use
2. Carry out regular checks, after each use or, if the kit is not used, at least once every 12 months, to ensure the kit contains a complete set of the required items. An inventory list in the kit should be signed and dated after each check, and
3. Ensure items are in working order, have not deteriorated, are within their expiry dates and sterile products are sealed and have not been tampered with.

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