Four reasons to ditch your smart phone for a diary

A paper style diary has been the choice for many but with technology taking over it poses the question are diaries still relevant? The short answer is yes. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Start the day right, create your days action list by putting pen to paper

Commuter time is action list time and it allows for you to freely craft the day ahead. Using an action list can help you strategise how much time should be allocated for each task. Using lists to manage time has great benefits for keeping track of each task at hand and allows you to prioritise what comes first.


2. Act fast without digital distractions

The pen is mightier than the phone. The office demands immediacy and your boss won’t be waiting for you to whip out your phone to jot notes. You’ll also be less tempted to check out all the notifications and email distractions awaiting your reply.

With diary and pen at hand, you’ll be sure to catch the finer details of their every word. Diaries make for great notebooks too so be sure to look for a diary with extra space for notes.


3. Give your eyes a screen break

Set aside time each day to move away from the screen and focus on planning the day. With the world around you operating in hyper drive a diary is a therapeutic tool to take a step back and see what tasks are more important than others. A4 day to a page diary creates and fosters productivity and allows for you to set up for success.


4. All the information you need in one place

Be proud of your accomplishments by relishing in your success! Take the time each day to review your notes, charts and personal comments and identify what might be worth catching up on the next day.

With a wide range of diaries in finishes, colours, formats and sizes available you will be sure to find a diary that’s perfect for your planning and organisational needs. Get in early to secure your 2020 diary and get set to tackle the new year with our new Diary, Planner and Calendar Collection! 

Here’s 7 reasons why diaries are still relevant in 2020.

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