COVID-safe state guide for your end of year celebrations

COVID-safe state guide for your end-of-year celebrations

The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s time to gear up for end-of-year celebrations! Although this year’s activities will look a little different, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in COVID-safe style! We’ve provided an outline of the current parameters for each state and safe party ideas that adhere to state regulations as they stand as at November 2020.


Outdoor gatherings: One person per 2sqm, 300 max. attendees
Indoor gatherings: One person per 4sqm, 300 max. attendees

Corporate events are permitted in NSW given there are no more than 300 people attending and 30 people per table. For your end-of-year celebrations, why not have a picnic in a nearby park or outdoor venue? Our Print and Marketing Services team can provide custom social distancing signage to remind employees on what it takes to stay COVID-safe and custom blankets, hats, water bottles and sunscreens for a sun smart celebration! Just make sure you reserve the space with the relevant council!


Outdoor gatherings: 70 max. attendees
Indoor gatherings: 40 max. attendees

In Victoria, it’s all about small and mighty celebrations! A team lunch or dinner is an excellent way to close out the year while supporting your local hospitality venues such as cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants. Just make sure you book in early and sign in upon arrival! We can also prepare branded giftbags as an extra gift to your employees.


Outdoor gatherings: One person per 2sqm, 1,500 attendees max. permitted
Indoor gatherings: One person per 4sqm, 500 attendees max. permitted

Larger events in QLD are possible but require additional approval. For your end of year party, why not book a spacious venue with enough room for decorations, entertainment and COVID-safe social distancing? Hire a catering company to serve individual dishes.


Outdoor gatherings: 200 max. attendees
Indoor gatherings: 200 max. attendees

Event organisers must apply for an exemption to hold an event with 500 – 5,000 people. For this year, a team lunch or barbeque outside will make an excellent celebration. Stock up on products like our Biopak range of compostable and wooden cutlery and Castaway Enviroboard paper plates to help stay COVID-safe while minimising your environmental impact.


Outdoor gatherings: One person per 2sqm, 1,000 attendees max. permitted
Indoor gatherings: One person per 2sqm, 250 attendees max. permitted

In Tasmania, gathering limits are determined by the density but the idea is to keep it as small as possible. Get creative this year and prepare a fun team building activity like a DIY arts and crafts competition (the best design wins a prize) or a socially distanced cooking class (did someone say pizza?)!


Outdoor gatherings: One person per 2sqm
Indoor gatherings: One person per 2sqm

Major events are permitted, subject to having an approved COVID Event Plan. Think outside the box this year for a celebration to remember! Go for a hike with your team, have a picnic at the beach or venture out to your local nature reserve. We can supply all the portion-controlled nuts, muesli bars, juice and water you need for a that extra motivation and some afternoon snacks for the journey.


Outdoor gatherings: One person per 4sqm
Indoor gatherings: One person per 4sqm

All businesses that conduct a ‘defined public activity’ in South Australia must have a COVID-Safe Plan. The maximum number of attendees at a place of business will be determined by its size and there is a maximum booking size of 10 people per group, with seated dining only. Have you thought about a virtual event for your employees? Host a Microsoft Teams party and try the ‘Together mode’ so you feel like you’re partying in the same room! Send a gift pack to employees’ homes with custom branded goods – our Print and Marketing Services team has you covered.

Plan your end of year celebration in accordance with COVID requirements for your state. Reach out to our Print and Marketing Services team for a wide range of custom and branded products to get the party started! Winc can help you celebrate a safe end of year, speak to our specialists by calling 1800 782 753 or view our range online.

Disclaimer: This is general information only and is current only as of the date it is first posted and may no longer be accurate or complete when viewed by you. You should make your own assessment on the appropriateness and suitability of the information contained herein for your particular circumstances. For the latest COVID event information please visit the government websites listed below. Winc makes no, and expressly disclaims, any representations or warranties (whether expressed or implied) that the information contained herein and on any of the websites in the links referred to above are accurate, correct, complete and updated.