Best work-from-anywhere tech for 2022

Hybrid working has increased tenfold since the beginning of the pandemic. A recent global survey revealed 74 per cent of Australians said they wanted a mix of face-to-face and remote working of differing degrees.1 With remote and hybrid working becoming an important part of work-life, what productivity-enabling tools will support a distributed workforce? We spoke to Andrew Sykes, Winc Technology Sales Manager, to share about a few of his tech product recommendations.

Wireless headphones

“High-quality audio is essential for calls and online meetings, so you’ll need a good headset. I’d suggest investing in a wireless headset. The Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset is a great option for hybrid workers. It has active noise cancellation to prevent nearby noise from disrupting your calls and focus. It’s also wireless so you have the freedom to move around during meetings or when listening to audio. On top of that, it moves seamlessly between your PC and smartphone which means no more plugging and unplugging from different devices,” says Andrew.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

“Organisations have a duty of care to protect employees at work and this extends to your workspace at home. Instead of using your laptop’s built-in keyboard and trackpad, switch to an external keyboard and mouse that will support your natural posture by aligning your wrists while you type.

The Logitech® MX Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Business features the MagSpeed Electromagnetic scroll wheel mouse with the fastest, quietest and most precise scrolling experience, making it ideal for users whose work requires an extra level of precision.

“This keyboard and mouse combo is perfect for maximising productivity and is designed for comfort, stability, and precision, ideal for long-working professionals,” advises Andrew.


“Video calls have become a huge part of our day, so it’s worthwhile upgrading from your laptop’s built-in camera and investing in a business-quality webcam. Having a camera positioned closer to your eyeline means a better ergonomic setup and a more natural face-to-face experience,” says Andrew.

“The Kensington W2050 Auto Focus Webcam is one of many great options. It has high-quality HD video, enhanced low-light performance, universal mounting options and built-in noise-reducing technology,” advises Andrew.

Ring light with webcam mount

“Have you ever struggled to find the perfect lighting? The Kensington’s L1000 Bicolor Ring Light with Webcam Mount is a cost-effective, feature-rich lighting solution for quickly improving your appearance on video conference calls. The all-in-one product provides the perfect light distribution for any working environment and the ability to mount your webcam in the centre of the ring,” recommends Andrew.

Home printer

“If you work from home, having your own printer can be a gamechanger. The HP Officejet Pro Printer is an excellent option with low running costs. It’s very compact, so it’ll work for many home offices and workstations. A wireless printer like this one enables better workflow by allowing you to print, copy and even scan straight from your phone or laptop,” says Andrew.

Carry bag for your tech

“If you’re someone who works both in the office and from home or travels to a co-shared space, a good carry bag will protect your gear from damage. The Targus Cypress Backpack with EcoSmart is entirely constructed of recyclable materials, including fabric woven from 26 recycled water bottles. With a dedicated padded compartment to cradle your laptop and a convenient front quick-stash pocket, the travel bag provides you with enough room for your everyday essentials. It also comes with ergonomic shoulder straps for comfort,” advises Andrew.

Protective laptop sleeve

“If you’re looking for a protective sleeve for your laptop, the Targus Cypress Sleeve would be one of my top recommendations. It’s slim and light and on top of that, it’s made from recycled plastic water bottles!” says Andrew.

Portable hard drive

“Nowadays, many mobility devices do not come with a lot of local storage. A compact USB drive that you can easily fit in a pocket or laptop sleeve is something I’d suggest to any working professional. The Verbatim USB comes in a 32GB and 64GB option for optimal storage” says Andrew.

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