Winc’s Social Agenda

With the goal to be a company that has a positive impact on every worker, learner, carer, teacher across the country, every day, at Winc, we understand the importance of having an accountability to both people and planet. In taking care of everything a workplace needs to work, we have an underlying obligation to do the right thing by the communities in which we live and operate.

Clear actions and measurable targets

To guide our actions in this space, we have developed a Winc Social Agenda which details meaningful and measurable targets we are committed to delivering against as we work towards a more sustainable future.

We are taking action to address the imbalance in opportunity for First Nations People. Through our joint venture partner Mandura we are proud to support the Clontarf Foundation and Westerman Jilya Institute for Indigenous Mental Health to help make a difference. Read more here.

Download our latest progress report

To view the initiatives we are undertaking to meet these commitments as well as our targets and the progress we are making, you can download a copy of the full document.

We are holding ourselves accountable and are transparent about our progress with reports prepared and published here once every six months.

Winc Social Agenda
Progress Report, July 2023

Six focus areas

Our Winc Social Agenda outlines the six focus areas where Winc can make the biggest impact – and the commitments we have made.