Terms and Conditions – Print and Marketing Services

Winc Australia Pty Ltd

This proposal is subject to the standard terms and conditions for proposals from Winc Australia Pty Limited (Winc) which can be found on winc.com.au. Prices are valid for 30 days* from date of quotation and are subject to sighting of artwork. Orders received after this date may not be available at the prices listed.

* DISCLAIMER prices are valid for 30 days on standard print and promotional marketing products unless otherwise specified on the product description and/or product quoted is volatile. Volatile products include paper, paper related products, fluctuating consumables and any products that have a memory (such as USBs). Volatile products should be treated as a cost estimate and checked at the time of placing your confirmation order. In the unlikely event of significant transport increases that are beyond our control due to oil prices and increased fuel levies, these additional charges will be passed on to the requester and/or the company they represent.


  1. Price quoted is based on print ready PDF files being provided to specification. This includes but is not limited to bleeds, trims, colour with all fonts and images embedded in the document.FILE SUPPLY:Printed or Engraved products: artwork must be supplied in high-resolution pdf, eps or ai file format with all text converted to curves.Embroidery products: artwork must be supplied as Adobe Illustrator files (ai, eps, pdf) or high-resolution Adobe Photoshop files (psd, eps, tiff, jpg).If artwork is not available to specification, please advise your Winc Account Manager immediately.Where applicable, ‘Setup Charges’ include setup and delivery fees from Winc to a single metro delivery address. Winc reserves the right to charge additional delivery fees if delivery address is changed or additional delivery points required.


  1. Expected delivery lead time is based on timeframe provided in quotation and is conditional on Winc having received written approval from you to proceed and we received proof approval from art files supplied. From time to time, circumstances beyond our control may impact delivery lead time. This can include, but not limited to weather conditions, natural disasters, stock supply or manufacturing issues. We encourage you to check delivery lead time at the time of placing order.


  1. Branded samples requested from Winc will be charged to your account at the quoted price if after 28 days the samples are not returned to the attention of the undersigned to the respective Winc office in full resalable condition. Unbranded samples requested will be charged to your account at the quoted price. Winc will not accept the cost for the returning of samples.


  1. Where goods are required urgently, courier charges incurred to meet deadlines will be added to your invoice separately and are not included in this quotation. Rush fees may also apply.


  1. Winc may need to alter these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. Please contact us if you do not understand any of the terms and conditions in this document.


  1. Commencement of work
    Unless otherwise agreed, all design work undertaken by the Winc Design studio will be chargeable. Artwork will be charged based on the Winc Design Studio hourly rate and chargeable in 20-minute increments. The hourly rate provided in this quotation will be valid for 30 days.


  1. Payment Terms
    Winc endeavours to provide content and creative services that meet and exceed a customer’s needs, however, in the event you change of your mind you will be liable to pay for the studio time accrued up to the time of your written notification to cease work. In the event your project exceeds 5 working days of studio time, Winc may require a 50% payment to commence work with the balance payable upon project completion. Standard Winc payment terms will then apply.


  1. Design Fees
    The design service fee is the cost estimate provided. If the work to be undertaken exceeds the items specified in the quote, Winc will advise you in writing prior to commencement.


  1. Scope of Work
    Winc may make any changes to the Scope of Work, design or functionality of the deliverables: (a) which are required to comply with any applicable legal or regulatory requirements; (b) are required or advisable to prevent the services and/or deliverables infringing third party rights, including Intellectual Property Rights. If at any time you wish to make any alterations to all or any part of the services including the Scope of Work, and/or Customer Materials and/or data then you will provide Winc with full written specifications of such alterations and with such further information as Winc may require. Winc will either decline to undertake such alterations or will submit to you a quotation for such alterations specifying what changes (if any) will be required to the services including fees and the deliverables.


  1. Legal Authorisation for Publications
    You are responsible for obtaining, at your own cost, all necessary consents, clearances,
    and authorisations which may be required by all applicable law and any regulatory and other authorities or commercial providers in respect of its receipt of the Services and use of the Deliverables. In particular, you agree that you are, and not Winc, responsible for ensuring and warrant that the use of your own and any third party photographs, images, and text in the Deliverables does not infringe any third party Intellectual Property Rights, whether those third party materials are sourced by you or by Winc on your behalf. You will indemnify Winc against all claims, demands, loss, costs and expenses incurred by or made against Winc, arising out of any actual or alleged infringement of patents, copyright, trademarks, design rights or other intellectual property rights, by any materials that Winc may use, print or reproduce at your request.


  1. Excess work
    Excess work is any work involving additions to the list of items defined in the quotation provided for services or changes to all pieces of finished work after sign-off by an authorised representative. From time to time you may require extra requirements during a project, or extra files upon completion of a project. You will be informed that the alterations or changes requested fall outside the scope of the original quotation. If you wish for these alterations to be made, a new quote estimate will be issued by Winc addressing the new requirements and the associated cost and work can only commence once this has been signed off.


  1. Approval of Final Work
    While Winc takes all care to avoid errors, Winc accepts no responsibility for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, or incorrect information on any project committed to print or production. You are responsible for proofreading and approving all final copies before the production of work. The email verification of the Customer Representative shall be conclusive as to the approval of all deliverables prior to their release for printing, implementation or installation. Once a final approved deliverable has gone to print you will not be entitled to a refund or reprint due to your oversight when proofreading the final copy.


  1. If you request Winc to warehouse your product, Winc will provide you with a Slow-Moving Product report identifying which products are Slow Moving Products. Slow Moving Products are products where the stock levels held by Winc are more than 3 months usage, based on a rolling average usage as calculated by Winc. Slow Moving Product will incur Slow Moving Product Charges as advised by Winc’s once a product is deemed a Slow-Moving Product. Within 30 days of the Customer being advised a product is a Slow-Moving Product, you must choose from the following applicable options:
    • Option A: You will purchase all Slow-Moving Products and Winc will deliver to you (Winc Owned Product Only)
    • Option B: You will purchase all Slow-Moving Products and Winc will destroy (Winc Owned Product Only)
    • Option C: You will purchase all Slow-Moving Products and the products be transferred into Customer owned product codes (Winc Owned Product Only) this product will be subject to Winc standard storage and delivery charges
    • Option D: Delivery of Customer Owned Product to you – you will pay for all delivery costs
    • Option E: Destruction of Customer Owned Product – you will pay for all Winc destruction costsOption F: Winc Standard Slow-Moving Product Charges (both Winc Owned Product and Customer Owned Product) to be applied

Under Options A and B, you will pay for Winc delivery and destruction costs unless otherwise agreed.In the event you do not make a declaration within 30 days as required regarding the Slow-Moving Products, Winc may at its sole discretion select which option is to apply and will advise you. Supplier & Customer Delivery Requirements for Winc Warehouses are available here: Winc Supplier Delivery Requirements. Subject to any legal obligation, any specially purchased products or products specifically tailored for the customers’ requirements (proprietary stock) may not be returned.

The terms above outlined as part of our Slow Moving inventory is subject to change without notice at any time.


  1. Prices quoted are applicable for the specified quantities and may vary should your order quantities change.


  1. Winc reserves the right to vary the quantity charged. Industry tolerance is +/- 5%, though some manufacturing processes can be up to +/- 10%. If a specific quantity is required for an event or distribution, we recommend that this is factored into your ordered quantity.


  1. Kitting and distribution orders may incur other fees such as a picking and handling fee and/or other related costs.


  1. Winc reserves the right to review pricing prior to accepting your order.