Join us by signing up to the Libra Period Positivity Program.

Periods are a fact of life, yet the lack of ready access to period care in the schools and workplaces of Australia is a known barrier to full participation for many.


1 in 5 women

Admit to missing a day or work or school due to their period1.


Over half of all Australian women (56%)

Admit to hiding their period at home, work or school2.

Libra Period Positivity Program

Has been designed to deliver support in the workplace or learning environment by providing discreet access to free period care.

By joining the Libra Period Positivity Program, you can contribute to period positivity and inclusion by normalising period care. Here’s how:

Purchase one Libra Period Care Dispenser P2 for each washroom in your workplace.

Order your Libra period care. Each dispenser takes 120 tampons and 80 pads.

Want to access the Libra Period Positivity Program supporter pack?

When you join the Libra Period Positivity Program, you have access to a wealth of material to help you educate and promote the program to your employees. Support materials include an install and onboarding pack, posters, information letter, letter template, social media tile website banner and email signature.

It’s a small measure to help create a more supportive workplace!

Accessible period care in workplaces is important for many reasons. Normalising easy access to products can have a role to play when it comes to enhancing workplace productivity and engagement. The Libra Period Positivity Program champions diversity and inclusivity by fostering a sense of safety and belonging for all!

62% of women

Have carried a handbag with period care products to the bathroom to hide their period¹.

59% of Australians

Agree that society’s attitude towards periods is old fashioned².

Winc dispensers

As part of our commitment to equality. Winc is now offering complimentary period care to our employees!

If you need help or have a question about the Libra Period Positivity Program, request a call with one of our Health, Hygiene & Safety experts today.



1Essity Global Health & Hygiene Survey 2022
2Libra Taboo Study 2019