Healthy & Mindful Minds

We’re celebrating Healthy & Mindful Minds in schools and early learning centres.

Being healthy isn’t just about being physically fit and eating well. It’s also having high mental wellbeing, which has been associated with numerous benefits from better study and work outcomes, lower rates of physical and mental health conditions, and a better quality life overall.

Browse and download the below resources that we’ve developed to guide you to promote mental wellbeing and prevent mental health conditions in your school or centre.

One Step Ahead Toolkits

In collaboration with Prevention United, we’ve developed One Step Ahead Toolkits to guide you to help reduce the likelihood of children in your care developing mental health conditions, as well as supporting those currently displaying symptoms.

Early Learning Educator Toolkit – One Step Ahead

School Teacher Toolkit – One Step Ahead

Mental Health Awareness Toolkit Winc
winc mental health awareness healthy mindful webinar


As part of Healthy & Mindful Minds Month, we hosted two webinars on Educator Self-Care and Managing Anxiety in the classroom. Watch the recordings below.

Educator Self-Care

Managing Anxiety in the Classroom

Emotional Wellbeing Products

We’ve selected the following products to encourage mindfulness and develop emotional intelligence in your classroom or centre.

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Mindfulness Colouring Sheets and How Are You Feeling Poster

Download and print our selection of mindfulness colouring sheets to use in your early learning centre or classroom.

Use the poster to display in your classroom or centre to help children identify and express emotions.

To download Mindfulness Colouring Sheets for Prep to Year 5 click below.

To download Mindfulness Colouring Sheets for Year 7 and higher click below.

To download the How Are You Feeling Poster click below.

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