Winc Savings Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

Small to medium sized businesses or organisations with 10-200 employees are eligible to apply for the Winc Savings Guarantee. Applications will be assessed and approved by Winc on a case-by-case basis.

To access your guaranteed savings, please provide one month’s worth of invoices from your previous supplier. Invoices must be no more than six months old. We will use this data to price match and deliver guaranteed savings.

Subject to the exclusions listed below, our savings guarantee applies to in-stock, identical products from authorised Australian retailers or resellers. An identical product means an identical model number, pack size, components and warranties (including non-identical warranties). We also take into account delivery costs when calculating savings.

The following is excluded from our savings guarantee:

  • Our Technology range
  • Conditional offers (i.e. Limited quantity offers, package deals and bundles, cash back, coupons, parallel imports, club prices)
  • Commercial offerings (i.e. Customer special orders, contract pricing and bulk quantities)
  • Liquidation deals (i.e. Clearance, deleted stock)
  • Used or refurbished products
  • Non-authorised retailer or reseller (i.e. Auction websites and online marketplaces)
  • Errors in advertising or typographical errors (either ours or competitors)

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Winc reserves the right to vary these terms at any time with or without notice. All purchases are subject to Winc’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.

To request more information or further clarification on the above terms, please contact our New Business team via email or phone 13 26 44 from anywhere in Australia.

Please note: You may receive a call from our New Business team on this number 07 3155 7475 (outbound only).