Best Western: Multi-site Single Source procurement


The company

Best Western Australasia is an accommodation group compromising of more than 160 three to five star commercial properties located throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Best Western’s commercial purpose is to provide a warm and friendly accommodation service, combined with international quality standards and an affordable consumer price.

The challenge

As a hotel property group that is independently owned and managed, Best Western was seeking to improve turnaround times for guest amenities (GA) to reach regional locations outside Melbourne Metro. As part of a procurement assessment, Best Western recognised the need to partner with a national supplier who could introduce faster distribution country-wide and supply a range of operational products including office products, kitchen supplies and facility solutions. The solution also needed to incorporate the supply of GA products from a long term manufacturer and seamless exhaustion of product before introducing the new bespoke line.

The journey

Staples identified a Facility Solution that would enable all Best Western sites to access the GA products faster including an inventory schedule that would introduce the new bespoke line across all sites at the same time. By working with the current manufacturer and leveraging their innovative supply chain capability, Staples were able to stock the new range across multiple warehouses and add the GA SKU’s to the online ordering system where more than 10,000 products are already available to order. This enabled Best Western to further identify more than 400 key accommodation-sector products that were added to the contracted item schedule to enable each site to simplify their ordering processes and reduce processing of invoices.

The results

As a Single Source supplier with established guest amenities manufacturing partnerships, Staples successfully managed a seamless stock transfer from multiple warehouses around Australia, introduced the new line across all sites at the same time and significantly reduced the delivery times to more than 80% of sites from three weeks to three days. By providing each independent Best Western site with a centralised member login, the business has reduced the complexity of ordering and costs associated with procuring both operational and branded GA products. Staples has also guest presented at a number of Best Western conferences across Australia to ensure all sites are across the extensive business essentials product availability and ability to easily procure their individual needs from the convenient online ordering system.

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