Report: The true cost of cold and flu season. The cold hard facts.

The start of the winter season is the perfect time to review workplace and classroom strategies to help mitigate against the impact of infection and sickness. Winter preparedness, including increased cleaning protocols and personal hygiene practices should be a top priority for businesses and schools.Importantly, it’s not only businesses and schools that are impacted by the spreading of the flu virus. It’s vital to be mindful of how a flu infection or outbreak can affect our frontline health workers in medical centres and hospitals as well as the broader community, especially our more vulnerable members such as babies and children, the elderly and those with existing medical conditions.

To comprehend the true cost of the cold and flu season on Australian businesses, Winc conducted research among 1,020 office workers who worked two or more days onsite in businesses with over 5 employees to understand their attitudes and behaviours towards this topic. In this report we cover the key findings and explore the best ways organisations can mitigate the risk to reduce the impact on productivity and the bottom line. Download the report to learn more about how Winc can help this flu season.