Catalogue: Contemporary Workspace Solutions

The benefits of in person collaboration and its positive impact on productivity and performance are well understood. It’s why so many organisations are now looking for ways to bring their people back into the physical workplace more often to #workbetter.

Contemporary Workplace Solutions has been designed by leading workplace experts to do just that. We help you transform your physical spaces into hubs of collaboration and teamwork that your people will want to be part of.

To inspire you with what’s possible, we have curated four different spaces to enable four different modes of work. Each of our spaces are available in three different tiers to suit a range of budgets. The Contemporary Workspace Solutions Catalogue showcases all four spaces, across all three tiers so buy what you see as you see it in the catalogue – or mix and match to suit your workplace.

Download the catalogue to learn more and how Winc can help you transform your physical spaces into a hub of collaboration and teamwork, giving your workplace a new purpose to bring your people back.

Our Contemporary Workspace Solutions help you draw your people back into the office by creating optimised environments with a clear purpose where workers can collaborate, socialise, connect and focus.

Ideal for those wanting to make a difference to their organisation without the need for an interior designer or organisational consultant, Contemporary Workspace Solutions is a convenient way to cater to the evolving needs of how people work today.

Plus, you get the added benefit of our #workbetter experts and free #workbetter advice to support you through the process. Buy what you see as you see it – or mix and match to suit your workplace. It’s all very flexible.

All from Australia’s largest B2B workplace supplies provider, Winc, helping organisations to #workbetter.