Tips for working from home with kids

Tips for working from home with kids

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing shifts in the way people are working and learning, affecting kids and their parents at a global scale. If you’re a parent that’s now working from home, you may soon find yourself with an extra little coworker. We’ve put together some helpful tips on how to manage working from home with young children.

Tip #1: Keep your routine

Make sure you and your child have the same (or a similar) routine as you would on a normal day.

That includes waking up on time, making the bed, having breakfast, getting dressed, brushing your teeth and setting up your working and learning spaces for the day.

Tip #2: Set up a learning space at home

Set up a dedicated learning space that your child can enjoy.

Make sure this is a comfortable and ergonomic space. Equip this area with everything they’ll need including pens, paper, a tablet device (if they have one) and any books they may need.

To get everything you need, we have a range of products to cater to your child’s remove learning needs. 

Tip #3: Develop a schedule with them

Ensure you’re familiar with any homework your child has been given and develop a schedule with them to manage this.

We’ve created a downloadable and editable timetable template that you can use with early learning or primary school children. Fill this in with them so they feel they’re a part of planning for their day ahead.

Tip #4: Create extra activities and projects

We have a range of art and craft supplies that help keep young children engaged and entertained, giving you time to focus on your own actions for the day.

We’ve also put together a library of activity plans targeted towards early years, so you can keep developing the skills your child would learn at an early learning centre.

Tip #5: Make time to spend outdoors

Schedule time outside to get fresh air and exert some energy.

Children and students have multiple outdoor breaks a day when they’re at school or an early learning center and will be used to having time to socialise with other children.

Winc’s tips and resources, as well as our everyday and education ranges, can readily provide you with effective new remote working and learning spaces when you need it.

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