Top 5 Kris Kringle gifts for every type of worker

Top 5 Kris Kringle gifts for every type of worker

Christmas is almost here! Although end-of-year celebrations will look a little different this year due to social distancing and COVID restrictions, your team can still get into the holiday spirit! It’s the season of giving and one of our favourite holiday activities is Kris Kringle. Here are our top five gift ideas for every type of worker.

For the coffee connoisseur

Australians are undoubtedly lovers of coffee. Coffee consumption in Australia has grown year on year and during the 2019 financial year, Australians consumed around 1.875 million 60kg bags of coffee!1 Gift your Kris Kringle their caffeine fix over the holiday break with our wide range of coffee products to make any coffee-lover happy. If you’d like to get a bit more creative, gift a coffee plunger or a set of coffee mugs!

For the wine aficionado

For those who enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner or a celebratory drink at the end of the week, we’ve got just the thing. Our range of alcoholic beverages, including red and white wines, beer, sparkling, spirits, champagne and more will make great gifts for Christmas dinners. Purchase additional wine glasses to seal the deal. View our selection of beverages in our Corporate Cellars catalogue. Cheers to the holidays!

For the chocolate-lover

This is a safe choice if you’re ‘umming and ahing’ about what to get this year’s Kris Kringle. In a 2019 survey, 4.22 million respondents in Australia said they had consumed a combination of chocolate bars and blocks in an average four-week period.2 Now that’s a lot of chocolate! The choices are endless – from white, milk, dark, mint, caramel, strawberry (and more) in various forms, there are plenty of options to choose from. Why not mix and match for the ultimate surprise? Cookies? Delicious. Hot chocolate? The perfect beverage. A pack of chocolate biscuits? Yes please!

For the holiday planner

Shopping for a workmate who loves planning, organisation and kicking goals? We’ve got the perfect solution. Create a gift pack with assorted stationery products to make their day. We recommend a 2021 diary, some art supplies to get creative and a pack of pens to help them get their holiday planning started.

Top 5 Kris Kringle gifts for every type of worker
Top 5 Kris Kringle gifts for every type of worker

For the tech junkie

For the friend who loves tech, we have some ideas that won’t break the bank. A laptop case is a useful accessory that will help protect valuable electronics while the move. A power bank is something every tech-lover needs and will come in handy for road trips. Or gift them some headphones so they can listen to some holiday tunes and relax over the break.

Our Print and Marketing Services (PaMS) team can provide a range of customisable and Australian made gifts. To see our PaMS range of Christmas gift ideas, view our catalogues:
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Winc can provide you with a range of Christmas gifts and products for end-of-year festivities. Speak to one of our Print and Marketing Services specialists by calling 1800 993 335 or view our full range online.


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