Top 4 products for faster working

Top 4 products for faster working

The average workday is filled with to-do lists, deadlines and complex projects. No wonder we’re always searching for better and faster ways to get things done!

Having the right tools for the job can help tremendously. That’s why we asked one of Winc’s stationery experts, Travis O’Toole, to help us find four of the best product solutions to speed things along, so we have more time to focus on other things.

1. Electric Sharpeners

“Electric sharpeners provide a much faster and more comfortable experience than traditional manual sharpeners,” says Travis. “They can refresh dull pencils in a fraction of the time and provide a more evenly balanced and sharper result. They’re also a more ergonomic solution and will help prevent the finger and wrist pain that you often experience when manually sharpening pencils in bulk!”

If you need a heavy-duty solution, the Westcott iPoint Axis 6 Hole Electric Sharpener is a good tool to have in your arsenal. It features a multi-hole dial to accommodate all popular pencil sizes, helical carbon cutting blades for sustained performance and auto stop for a perfect result every time.

2. Stronger Hole Punchers

“Gone are the days of tedious hole punching, one page at a time. Hole punchers have improved so much over the years, and more are suited for high-capacity use, helping you save time” says Travis.

“Labelling important documents, boxes and items will save you time and keep things more organised,” says Travis.

The Rexel Punch Power 4 Hole 150 Sheet has, as its name suggests, a 150-sheet punching capacity for the standard 80 gsm paper, making it a powerful solution for busy workplaces. It is also equipped with a long rubber handle for extra leverage, a handy paper alignment guide and a convenient clear waste trap for greater efficiency, durability and speed.

3. Unwrapped paper

“If your workplace does a lot of bulk printing, something as simple as purchasing unwrapped paper can save you a lot of time,” says Travis.

“The Reflex Ultra White Carbon Neutral Unwrapped Copy Paper is the perfect solutions for high volume paper users. It’s conveniently packed in an external carton that’s moisture-proof so you won’t have to worry about unwrapping the paper and disposing of ream wrappers,” says Travis.

4. Multi-function pens

“Pens with gel ink are superior in providing a smoother and more comfortable writing experience. Erasable ink is also a great feature to have to make the job of completing error free written documents faster,” says Travis.

“A great option is Pilot’s Frixion Clicker Erasable Pens which feature thermosensitive gel ink that allows you to cleanly erase and re-write over your mistakes without damaging your documents. This pen comes with an “eraser” so you can quickly undo any mistakes without the need for correction fluid and long drying times,” says Travis.

Is it time to restock on office supplies that will help get the job done faster? We’ve curated a list of our most efficient, faster, smarter office products that can help increase productivity, saving your organisation time and money.

4 smarter ways to get things done at work
Top 4 products for faster working
Top 4 products for faster working