Transitioning to a “new normal” post-pandemic

Transitioning to a "new normal" post-pandemic

Signs of progress as a result of Australia’s collective effort to stop the spread have led the Australian Government to ease several restrictions. With these changes in motion, and more to come, we are beginning to get a glimpse of what the new normal could look like for workers nationwide. The elevated adoption and broadened use of technology as a result of the pandemic could pave the way for more innovative thinking and flexible working in the future.

Next steps for Australia

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced three conditions that Australia needs to meet before further relaxing social distancing rules and restrictions. These include:

  1. Stronger testing regimes
  2. Better contact tracing using technology
  3. Local response capability and responsiveness to outbreaks

The government recently released the COVIDSafe app to help track close contacts of COVID-19 cases. This app monitors current cases and people at risk to allow territory health officials to quickly contact individuals at risk to exposure of COVID-19.

What we are learning throughout COVID-19

The transition to online and remote working has provided us with greater insight on the many capabilities and applications of technology and the digital world. We are continually bearing witness to the rise of new and innovative applications that allow us to merge the physical world with the digital one.

The new Post-It App is just one example. This application allows individuals to share written notes online with ease. After writing on physical Post-It Notes, the app allows individuals to capture their ideas using their device’s camera and reorganise, refine and share notes online.

Microsoft has seen a sudden increase in the utilisation of online software as a means of business innovation. “Technology is enabling our customers to be agile and maintain business continuity. We are also seeing them adapt and scale to sustain critical products and services — all while preparing for a post-pandemic comeback and new normal.”1

The online capabilities of cloud-based software have allowed individuals and teams to share documents, collaborate and work together in real time. Winc’s Cloud.Winc offering is just another example of this expanded capability. In partnership with Microsoft, Cloud.Winc allows users to manage their organisation from any location using a web-based administration centre with best-in-class IT functionalities. The self-service portal gives users access to all Microsoft Cloud Solutions and around the clock specialist support, offering users the freedom and flexibility to connect with whoever, whenever.

Shaping a ‘new normal’ for working in the future

With an increasing use of technology by a growing number of remote workers, we have experienced a surge in online connectivity between employees and across teams. A suite of readily available conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams has allowed employees to restore the connection with their colleagues and teams. Creating a suitable technology set-up for specific business needs will allow optimised working for remote employees. Winc’s Technology team can provide tailored solutions for individual business needs and offer complete end-to-end solutions.

We know that ‘24-7’, global economies require new kinds of working.2 The ways in which people work can vary greatly, and don’t easily fit into a 9-5 structure. Individuals perform better during different times of the day and under different circumstances, so we can expect to see an increase in flexible and remote working moving forward.

This receptive response to technology and online connectivity has persuaded businesses to consider the value of remote working post-pandemic. “It is clear that developments in internet, and more recently mobile, technologies have increased the ability of individuals to work remotely and therefore out of usual office hours.” 3

Despite the challenges the world faced as a result of COVID-19, many businesses and employees are learning to adapt to more innovative and flexible ways of working. The increased use of technology is opening new realms of possibility for what the new normal may look like for many businesses. Winc’s mission to help every Australian have a better work-life has and will continue to hold true as we support all businesses in their transition to a new normal.


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