Marketing Collateral Solutions: The Secret To Rebranding Success

Your mission has changed. Your stakeholders are fired up. Your new logo looks incredible. Now all you need to do is update your marketing collateral and the rebrand is ready to launch. If only it was that easy!

Updating your marketing collateral can feel like the toughest part of a rebrand. It sucks all your time, budget and patience. But that’s because many organisations make one simple mistake: they engage multiple print and marketing suppliers.

It might seem like the most sensible approach at first, but working with multiple suppliers can bring inconsistencies, extra costs and risks to your rebrand process.
The more agencies and suppliers involved, the more variables that can’t be controlled. And every inconsistency, however small, has the potential to undermine and dilute your brand. We’re talking about design teams working alongside production teams working alongside warehousing and distribution can mean huge delays, hefty invoices and frustration for everyone.

But there is another way – a way that will ensure a smoother rebrand. Simply follow these steps:

#1 Take back control

Take back control of your rebrand and get better results with an end-to-end print and marketing service. With design, production, warehousing and distribution all integrated into one efficient managed print service, you can say goodbye to the hassle and stress of rebranding your marketing collateral.

While you enjoy a smoother rebrand experience, you can also be confident that all your materials are consistent. How? Because everything you send out to the world is created, stored and distributed by the same team – a team with a clear understanding of your brand and message.

#2 Move your rebrand to the cloud

Guarantee a winning rebrand by combining managed print services with cloud-based technology. Today’s managed print services feature streamlined print and marketing assembly lines, which use cloud-based software. So what does this mean for your rebrand? In short, a cloud-based solution removes the risk of supplier-to-supplier issues, like asset transfer inconsistency. And when you’ve spent lots of time and investment creating your visual brand, with a new logo, brand style guidelines and marketing collateral, it pays to know they will keep their integrity throughout the printing and production process.

Leading print and marketing service providers, like Winc, also offer a secure online portal that holds your entire suite of digital brand assets. There are lots of benefits to a cloud-based brand asset management:

• Save time locating files
• Communicate consistent brand standards
• Access up-to-date artwork and marketing collateral
• Deliver brand assets nationally and even internationally on demand

In short, it means staff and external users (such as agencies) can easily find brand standards, brand identity assets, logo artwork, images, marketing collateral and media assets when they need them, so there’s less risk of them “accidentally” using the old logo and undoing all your hard work.

#3 Find a one-stop-shop

Why stop at brochures and business cards? The right supplier can brand just about anything, from marketing collateral to promotional products, merchandise, stationery, and a wide range of office solutions. Engage a supplier with innovative supply chain and you have the option to procure other goods too, such as kitchen supplies and facilities solutions.

#4 Save costs and risks with a supplier warehouse

If you’re struggling to find space for all your new marketing collateral, fear not. Many end-to-end suppliers also provide a warehousing option, allowing you to store large quantities of printed marketing collateral off-site.

Here are just a few advantages:

• Save on standalone warehouse rent.
• Save on print costs – You can take advantage of the added space to print bulk runs, which means a cheaper cost per item.
• Less room for error – Local and national distribution is controlled and coordinated by the same team that created and stored the item.

The Takeaway

Rebranding is one of the most complex endeavours any company can undertake. So you need to grab any opportunity to remove stress, costs and risks along the way. Whether you’re planning a complete rebrand or simply refreshing a few pieces of marketing collateral, engaging an end-to-end print and marketing service will ensure you get the most out of your rebrand and deliver real business results.

Here at Winc, we give you access to a best practice warehousing and distribution network that delivers high-quality print and promotional services and all the support you need from start to finish.

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