Making flexible working work

Making flexible working work

The COVID-19 emergency is forcing shifts in the way people work at a global scale. Flexible working has become the new necessary.

Remote working and flexibility are not only beneficial in the present but will continue to provide new opportunities and add value to your business for the future.

With planning, preparation and collaboration, you can equip your team to work effectively from home.

How to prepare for remote working

Make sure you and your team have the equipment you need to work from home and plan ahead to make remote working a success.


We recommend the following bundle for your remote working needs*.

Our Everyday Essentials Kit includes 1x Headset, 2x Blue Pens, 2x Black Pens, 2x Highlighters, 1x A4 Notebook, 1x Box of Tissues, 5x Bulldog Clips, and 1x Post-It Notes, so you have access to office and stationery essentials when you’re working from home.


Tech Support:

The Winc Technology team is always on call* to assist with your remote working needs as we learn to navigate this unprecedented time together.

Whether you’re searching for technology accessories or looking to set up integrated IT solutions for employees working from home, our team of technology specialists can assess your unique requirements and provide tailored solutions for your business.

Everyday Essentials Work From Home Kit

Communication Channels:

Stay connected with your team by deciding which channels you’ll use to communicate with each other.

Establishing software, cloud-based programs, and other online management tools is important for setting tasks, interacting with employees, tracking progress and file sharing.


A quiet workspace and ergonomic furniture are often overlooked but very important factors to consider when working from home for an extended period.

Aim to find a space that’s well-lit, properly ventilated and free from distractions.

Access to suitable furniture such as desks and chairs will have a direct impact on employee comfortability and productivity. Our wide range of office furniture has all the essentials you’ll need for remote working.


Ensure you and your team are clear on individual expectations and tasks for each day of the week. Create a backup plan in case any emergencies arise, or if employees get sick and are unable to work.

Make sure employees have access to a strong Wi-Fi connection and can easily connect to the VPN so they can view and edit critical files from networks and drives.

The benefits of working from home

Benefit #1: Increasing employee productivity

Defining a flexibility policy in your workplace enables individual working styles, increases employee engagement, improves employee performance and achieves higher profits for your business1.

Benefit #2: Cultivating innovation and expanding possibility

A Future of Work Report found that, “as work becomes more sophisticated, more geographically distributed, and more technology-dependent, the importance of virtual teams will increase rapidly.”2 By enabling flexibility, you support the modern shift to untethered ways of working.

Benefit #3: Improving mental health and work-life balance

Giving employees choice in the way they work, such as shifted start and finish times and remote working, increases employee control, thus improving employee happiness and mental health3.

Benefit #4: Attracting new talent and staff retention

Flexible working could also increase retention in male employees by 25% and female employees by 40%4. Offering flexibility can increase your business’ appeal to potential future employees and be a contributing factor for current employees to stay.


The working world is constantly shifting and changing. Allowing flexibility in the way your employees work can leverage opportunities for future challenges in a world that requires constant adaptability.

Winc is here to partner with you and support your workplace readiness into the future.

* The Everyday Essentials kit is only available to customers who have a business account with Winc. To become a customer, click here.

* Winc Technology is on call to help with your remote working needs. Call 1800 791 250 (option 2) or email


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