How to select a monitor for your remote workers – a buyer’s guide

How to select a monitor for your remote workers – a buyer’s guide

It’s no surprise that the demand for monitors has grown vastly since the surge of remote working at the beginning of 2020. More organisations around Australia have kicked into gear to provide employees with the right equipment for an ergonomic home set up.

We spoke to Luke Becker, Sales Manager in the Technology team, to gain more insight on the world of monitors and things you should consider when choosing your set up.

Business-grade vs consumer-grade.

Choose a monitor that’s fit-for-purpose and consider whether or not you need a business-grade or consumer-grade monitor. Luke explains the difference between the two. “Consumer-grade products typically have a much shorter warranty period – usually around 12 months. You’d normally get two or three years with business-grade models.” He also touches on ergonomic ability. “For standard consumer-grade monitors, you won’t get height-adjustment features or a base that allows you to swivel your screen in infinite arrangements.”

“Depending on your needs, the Samsung J590 32 4k Uhd Led Monitor is a great example of a versatile and popular consumer-grade model,” he advises.

Do you need a curved monitor?

“Curved monitors provide a more immersive experience that uses ocular perception, taking advantage of all three dimensions – length, width and height,” says Luke.

“These types of monitors are particularly useful for avid Microsoft Excel spreadsheet users as they give you lots of real estate.”

Be size-wise.

When choosing the right monitor for the home office, consider physical space. If possible, Luke suggests selecting a desk and monitor together to ensure your monitor will fit comfortably. “A desk with a good width is important to ensure there’s enough distance from your monitor. A monitor that is too wide can strain the eyes and neck if positioned too close,” Luke advises.

“At Winc, we see that most people prefer the 22” and 24” monitor sizes, followed by the 27”.

Name your price.

“When setting up for the long term, consider the budget, but also the monitor features needed to work comfortably,” Luke says.

If you have enabled Winc Home Delivery for your organisation, we offer a range of technology essentials at contract prices. Deliveries are made straight to employees’ homes, saving time and effort.

Accessorise your tech.

“Consider tech accessories that could make a big difference. Monitor risers, mounts and brackets come in all shapes and sizes. The Rapid Line Single Monitor Arm is a great one. The Winc Monitor Stand is another excellent option for working comfortably,” says Luke.

Curved monitors
Samsung monitors

For all your ergonomic technology and remote working needs, our Home Office experts can advise on our extensive Home Office range to provide you with the best products for your needs. Register your account for Winc Home Delivery to ensure your employees have what they need to work safely and effectively, delivered straight to their door.