How to refresh and maximise your workspace: tips from a professional organiser

Office professionals need to keep their workspace organised to perform at their best. What are some creative and easy ways to maximise and refresh your space?

We enlisted the help of Lissanne Oliver, professional organiser, TV Presenter and bestselling author of ‘Sorted! The Ultimate Guide to Organising Your Life – Once and for All’. For the past 20 years, Lissanne has helped people from all walks of life better manage their space and time.

“Two simple ways to completely transform your space is by using smarter filing systems and updating your workplace signage,” says Lissanne.

Maximise your space using a filing wall

If you’re looking for a unique and space-efficient way to organise paper documents, reports, invoices or proposals, a filing wall is an excellent way to do it.

“Wall mounted filing pockets are excellent for workspaces where horizontal space is limited. They enable desk space for working, not storing,” says Lissanne.

This filing system is perfect for ‘grab and go’ and gives you a better view of your files. Use filing pockets to store heavier documents and clipboards for more transient information.

Materials you’ll need


  1. Gather your unsorted papers and separate them into different piles per category.
  2. Create labels for each of your filing pockets using your label maker. Tip: use different colours and designs so you can easily identify what each pocket will contain.
  3. Mount your clipboard and your filling pockets using double-sided tape or push pins.
  4. You’re ready to go! Fill your filing pockets with your categorised documents and attach lighter documents or urgent to clipboards for greater visibility.
  5. Admire your work. You space will feel more open, more organised and more clean!

Watch our ‘how to’ video below to see a vertical filing wall in action!

Refresh your signage

Communication is key and signage is a great way to communicate important messages to employees.

“Signage can be dynamic – there are so many ways you can creatively communicate messages and directives,” says Lissanne.

It’s important to make your message clear and visible. Have a look at your current signage like meeting room posters, signs in lunchrooms and other high-traffic areas, hygiene and social distancing reminders and storage signage. Are there any outdated messages? Anything that looks a bit old or boring?

“By refreshing your signage from time to time, you can make a dramatic visual improvement to your space with little effort and little cost,” advises Lissanne.

Materials you’ll need


  1. Take down old signage – if it’s frayed, faded, torn or outdated, it has to go!
  2. Consider updating relevant signage with a redesign if needed. Tip: add colour and creative visual elements to make your signage pop!
  3. Proofread your signage before it goes to print. Make sure the message you are conveying is easy to read and understand.
  4. Print and laminate your signs for greater longevity. This will also allow you to wipe down and disinfect your signs.
  5. Use a removeable adhesive, double-sided tape or pins to attach your new signage to walls, windows and noticeboards.

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