5 workplace must-haves for 2022

As we kick off the year, there’s no better time than now to provide teams with the tools they need to make 2022 their most productive year yet, wherever work happens. Here are five workplace essentials that can help boost collaboration, safety and employee satisfaction this year.

Brainstorming tools

Effective brainstorming encourages lateral thinking, creativity and better problem-solving. Research found that the Australian economy will lose $9.3 billion worth of value if it doesn’t leverage collaboration in the workplace1 so it’s important to equip teams with products that support brainstorming sessions and collaboration.

Whiteboards are a portable and multi-function tool for ideation sessions, team catchups and workshops. If some of your team members are tuning in remotely, make sure that you set up a camera, phone or webcams to capture vision of the whiteboard so you can easily showcase information and jot down everyone’s ideas during your session.

Productivity boosters

Did you know listening to music can help boost productivity and efficiency? A survey conducted by Spotify found that 61 per cent of people listen to music at work to boost their productivity and happiness. Similarly, a survey conducted by Cloud Cover Music found 78% of participants reported listening to music at work makes them more productive.2 Set your team up with a great headset to enable quiet listening as well as effective online meetings.

Another way to boost productivity is to provide healthy snacks and refreshments for your team. When energy and focus start to decline throughout the day, ensure your kitchen is set up with a coffee machine and always stocked with coffees and teas.

Ergonomic seating

Australian workers spend approximately 76 percent of their time at work sitting, or about five hours per day.3 With musculoskeletal disorders the most common type of work-related injury in Australia4, it’s crucial to choose furniture that is comfortable and provides the right support. Equip employees with ergonomic chairs that have adjustable features to enable safer and more productive working.

Hygiene stations and care kits

Research shows the average office desk houses over 10 million bacterial organisms and elevator buttons, doorknobs and kitchen appliances also harbour a considerable number of germs.5 With hygiene and safety continuing to be top priority in 2022, common areas such as reception rooms, kitchens and meeting rooms should all be equipped with hygiene stations containing cleaning essentials such as hand sanitiser and tissues. If teams are working remotely, put together care kits with these essentials for use at home.

Safety essentials

Workplace safety has become a top priority in recent years, especially following COVID-19. It’s a great idea to offer face masks to employees for wearing in the office or commuting via public transport. Help safeguard your people by keeping first aid kits accessible in several locations around the workplace. Keep up to date with government advice to help keep your team safe.

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