3 secrets for a successful virtual workshop

3 secrets for a successful virtual workshop

Is it still possible to hold successful workshops in 2020? COVID-19 has increased the number of remote workers, and meetings such as brainstorm sessions and workshops, are increasingly being run online.

But how do you take traditional workshops and apply them to the virtual world, keeping everyone engaged in the process? We share three strategies to keep in mind for your next workshop.

1. Set up your space

Set up a camera, phone or webcam to capture vision of a physical whiteboard so you can easily showcase information and jot down ideas during your session. Products such as coloured sticky notes and highlighters are great visual aids that can help engage your audience, provide better visibility and give you a creative platform for brainstorming.

2. Hold multiple shorter sessions to deliver greater value

Make your workshop more digestible and efficient by splitting it into multiple shorter sessions. Understanding different personality traits and learning styles can also help you create a more value-driven environment. For instance, while some people thrive during workshop sessions, others may prefer having time to process information. Consider keeping sessions small in numbers so that each employee has enough time to contribute and ask questions.

3. Lean into the online experience

Rather than trying to recreate the traditional ways of running a workshop, use online capabilities to make it fun and engaging. For instance, do a quick online quiz as an icebreaker and encourage open communication and chatting so that attendees feel comfortable sharing ideas.

During the session, allow people to contribute ideas verbally or through chat and write them out on sticky notes and place them on your whiteboard. If you want to bump it up a notch, use coloured pencils to bring ideas to life through sketches and diagrams. Between sessions, use the chat functionality or create an online space where brainstorming and conversations can continue.

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