Activity Plan Hub

We’ve put together a hub of our activity plans for you to keep your early years children entertained and enriched during this period of working and learning from home. These activity plans are all in line with the Early Years Framework and are ‘process-based’ so that children are directing their own learning.


This activity plan allows children to experiment with black and white colours using paint, foam rollers and paint brushes.

The very hungry caterpillar balloon printing

This activity plan uses paint, balloons, crayons and paper to experiment with different shapes to create The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Bubble printing

This activity plan gets children to experiment with water, non-toxic dye and dishwashing liquid.

Contact paper collage

In this activity plan children can create a collage using different types of media in this new activity.

Scented playdough

This activity plan stimulates children’s senses while encouraging them to look at, smell and feel the playdough throughout the stages of the activity.

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