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Your world is constantly changing and your needs keep evolving with it. At Winc we’ve been listening to you and we know you are looking for quality products that are responsibly sourced, that will cover all the areas of your business and will work across multiple budgets.

Because we have you at the centre of everything we do, over the last 12 months we have been working hard reviewing, optimising and investing on our range of exclusive products to make sure we have the best offer to support your needs. We have been working closely with our supplier network and quality check processes to ensure we are only working with partners that are ethical within their own operations and can deliver the best quality for you.

It is now time for you to start experiencing these improvements through more exclusive Winc products that have been developed by our expert team and sourced from trusted suppliers. During the next 6 months you will notice new additions to our exclusive range and changes in some products you have already been ordering.

Some of the changes you might see are:

For more information, please review our FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if one of my products is changing?

If the product you want to order is going through any of these changes, you will notice a comment on the product page that will specify the updates being made and the details of the new product. Look out for this type of note:

“This product is getting a new look and a new code. You may receive an alternative product of equal of better quality.”

Why are my products changing?

To provide more quality and choice, we’re removing some products from our current range. These will be replaced with equal or better-quality alternatives so there’s no disruption to you or your team.

What products are changing?

When completing your ordering, the product page and checkout page will display a note if you are ordering an affected product and how this will affect your order. Alternatively, contact your Account Manager and they will be able to advise you about how these changes will impact your ordering.

How will my products be different?

We are implementing a few different changes, some packaging changes, adjustments to pack sizes and some products with me discontinued. The products we are introducing will be the same or better quality.

Will the quality of my new products be the same?

Of course! While this process is in place, we have ensured the substitutions are on products of equal or greater quality. When you shop with us, you can be confident that our products are tested and of the highest quality.

How will this impact my orders/the products I am receiving?

Where a product is removed, and we do not have an alternative available you may receive a substituted product of equal or better quality at the same price. Where we have our new products available you will automatically receive these instead of the deleted SKU’s.

How long will this program be running?

There will be two phases to this program and the time frame will vary depending on the SKU. The first wave of changes will be happening from August through to December 2019, following this wave 2 will be executed in 2020.

Will my invoices and purchase orders be affected?

Your invoices and purchase orders will not be affected. We have designed this process to minimise any disruptions to your business. The ordered product will be shown on your invoice with a note if it is a product that may be substituted.

What happens to my regular products on Xpress form’s or Internal ordering systems during the transition?

Xpress form will take you to the normal product where you will see a notification that the product may be substituted.

Internal ordering systems – when ordering products as normal you will see a notification on your invoice if it is a product that might be affected.

What if I don’t want the product I received?

That’s ok! You can return it online or via our Customer Service team on 13 26 44 or customerservice@winc.com.au.

Who do I contact about the changes?

Our Customer Service team is here to answer any questions you may have about your delivery, they can be reached on 13 26 44 or customerservice@winc.com.au. Alternatively, you can get in touch with your Account Manager.

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