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Our exclusive Winc, Winc Earth and Cleera brands are here! By now, you should have started to receive our products in their new look packaging. But if you still have any queries or are unsure about what you have received, our handy FAQs below will help answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have my products changed?

In 2017, we rebranded from Staples Australia and New Zealand to Winc. Our sole purpose is to provide you and your teams with the best support, products & solutions that enable you to be successful in your job, every day. So a key part of this transition was to also make-over the packaging on all our Winc, Winc Earth & Cleera products. This process is now complete so you can expect to see our new Winc branding when you order a product from one of these ranges.

What products have changed?

We’ve updated the packaging on all our Staples, Sustainable Earth by Staples and Brighton Professional brands. They have now been replaced with Winc, Winc Earth and Cleera. There are no changes to the product specifications or product codes, just newly branded packaging.

Will the quality of my new Winc products be the same?

Most definitely! And we’re always looking at how we can improve the quality and performance of our products so you know you’re getting the best. We also source our products from only trusted suppliers and ensure they’re tried and tested before they land in your hands to be used.

When will I start receiving my new products?

They are already appearing in your orders. There may still be some small amounts of products with the old Staples, Sustainable Earth or Brighton Professional branding but these will be completely phased out in the coming month.

Have the product codes of my Staples, Sustainable Earth by Staples and Brighton products changed?

No, all our product codes have remained the same making the transition as easy as possible for you.

Will my invoices and purchase orders be affected?

Your invoices and purchase orders will not be affected. We have designed this process to minimise any disruptions to your business during the transition.

What happens to the Staples, Brighton and Sustainable Earth products on xpress forms or internal ordering systems during the transition?

Good news! As product codes are not changing, Staples, Brighton and Sustainable Earth products on xpress forms and internal ordering systems have remained the same during the transition.

When the new Winc, Winc Earth and Cleera products become available, how do I update my xpress form or internal ordering system?

Now that our new look Winc, Winc Earth or Cleera product are available, the product codes remain the same, while the product images and descriptions have been updated behind the scenes. Your Xpress form has also been automatically updated.

If you use an internal ordering system, this will need to be updated per the usual process. You can contact our Customer Services teams for more information on 13 26 44 or customerservice@winc.com.au.

What if I’d like to return a product or have an issue?

That's ok! We want you to love the quality and performance of all your Winc , Winc Earth and Cleera products so we’ve backed them with our Winc 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means you can return an item per the usual process online or via our Customer Service team on 13 26 44. Click here to read our Returns Policy.

My product is shown as out of stock, what do I do?

If your product is shown as out of stock, you will still be able to order this product; it will be placed on backorder per the usual process. When the product comes back into stock, the backorder will be delivered.

Who do I contact about the changes or if I have any other queries?

You can phone our friendly Customer Service team between 8:00am until 7:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday, or drop us a line and we'll respond within business hours.

phone: 13 26 44
email: customerservice@winc.com.au
live chat: available to customers logged into NetXpress

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