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Cleaning Supplies

Keep your workplace and household sparkling clean with our Cleaning Supplies and cleaning equipment. You can find cleaning chemicals, cleaning cloths and sponges, bins and rubbish bags, dishwashing products, personal hygiene products, hand wash, paper dispensers, floor cleaners and many other janitorial essentials within our range, from top brands such as Tork, Oates and 3M. Shop at Winc for Australia wide delivery.

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  • Product Type: Hand brush

    $3.85 /  each
    Best Seller
    • Colour: Green

      $7.35 /  each
      Best Seller
      • Product Type: Hand Soap
      • Volume: 1 L
      • Fragrance: Fragrance-free
      • Colour: Clear

        $18.79 /  each
        Best Seller
        $34.49 /  each
        In stock 07 August
        • Product Type: Shower gel
        • Fragrance: Rainforest

        $23.79 /  each